Ben Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Revised directions courtesy of Liz Kincheloe:
Take Hwy 27 from Dardanelle; turn left at the Ranger Baptist Church. Go about 1/8th of a mile, on the right side of the road there will be a road to a chicken farm. Follow that road past a house and behind the chicken houses to the top of the hill where the fenced cemetery is located behind a gate. I visited in Nov 2001, and the blackberry canes, leaves, poison ivy, poison oak, fallen tree limbs, plus it is on a hill and the grave markers are sliding, etc. leads me to believe that it is a cemetery that will not be here much longer.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Dowdy, Hardena "Dena" Myree (Gantt) w/o Thomas F. (M) 22 Mar 1913 d/o Joseph W. & Anna Oden Rosetta Isabella (Humphries)20 Mar 189227 May 1915
Dowdy, Henry G. h/o Clara E. (Parkison) (M) 14 Dec 1882May 185720 Dec 1939
Dowdy, Mary J. (Parkison) w/o Thomas W. d/o Willam M.C. & Mary A.18561904
Dowdy, Ruth C.18961958
Dowdy, Thomas Franklin M/1 Hardena M. (Gantt) M/2 Ruth C. (Dowdy)27 Jul 189114 Mar 1977SSDI
Dowdy, Thomas W.18531930
Fuller, U.N. (on rock)no dates

Gantt, Anna "Annie" Oden Rosetta Isabella (Humphries) w/o Joseph W.2 Nov 186511 Jul 1916
Gantt, Inf. s/o Charles Oden & MattieB & D21 Apr 1910
Gantt, Inf. s/o Charles Oden & MattieB & D12 Jan 1911
Gantt, Joseph Warren (M) 22 Oct 1885 s/o William Washington Feb 18494 Nov 1927
Gantt, Lowell C. s/o Charles Oden & Mattie20 Mar 19081 Jun 1908
Gantt, Tiny d/o Charles Oden & MattieB & D10 Apr 1909
Gilley, Marth J. w/o W.R.8 Mar 182926 May 1900
Gilley, W.R.18302 Feb 1901
Humphries, Mary Harrell d/o R.O. & L.R.30 Dec 186324 Dec 1864
Humphries, Robert Oden31 Jul 182719 May 1865
Jack, Chester P.18921919
Jack, Loma B.19091913
Jack, Nancy L.18681914
Keener, Addie E. (Kirkpatrick) w/o H. Monroe (M) 26 Jul 189221 Oct 187119 Oct 1940
Keener, Elmer C.B & D1912
Keener, ElvieB & D1917
Keener, Henderson Monroe s/o John H. & Mary Jane (Derrick)13 Jan 187015 Apr 1941
Keener, Infant SonB & D1917
Keener, IoneB & D1914
Keener, John Harrison (Harmon?) (Mason)21 Nov 184423 Jul 1889
Keener, Mary Jane (Derrick) w/o John Harrison (Harmon?) (M) 11 Feb 186917 Sep 18475 May 1913
Keener, RubyB & D1911
Keener, ThoroldB & D1915
Kindrick, Jess (Native Stone)no dates

Kindrick, Mengy (Native Stone)no dates

Lowery, Mary Elizabeth (Keener) d/o H. Monroe & Addie (Kirkpatrick)21 Sep 18953 Apr 1916
Murrow, Eugenia Elizabeth (Breshears) d/o Calvin & Missouri Jane (Davidson) w/o Benjamin9 Aug 186111 Jun 1926
Page, John Richard s/o John & Elizabeth (Vaughn)3 Oct 184530 Nov 1926
Page, Mary S. (Parker) w/o John Richard (M) 6 Mar 1867Apr 18431921
Parkison, Elcannah P. s/o Willam M.C. & Mary A.18491939
Parkison, Mary A. w/o Willam M.C.1822 1881-5?
Parkison, Peterno dates

Parkison, Willam M.C.18251881-5?
Peterson, Noah h/o M.J.12 Dec 185422 Oct 1927
73 yr

Staten, Cecil S. WWI Ark. Corpl. Quartermasterca. Dec 188220 Sep 1921WWIR
Wells, Prudence9 Jan 18802 Mar 1918
Womack, Inf. of John & Mattie (Monu. Broken)
1 Feb 1887

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