Barnetts Soundex and Census Information

Submitted by Joy Barnett

I have been researching my Barnett line at the National Archive Bldg. in Chicago. This file contains all the Barnett names in the 1910 AR Soundex. I also have a selected few names from the 1900 Soundex and a selected few names from Logan and Pope Co.'s.

1910 Soundex, Yell County, Arkansas

H = Head of Household
W = Wife
M = Mother
Si = Sister
C = Cousin
D = Daughter
S = Son
GS = Grandson
ML = Mother-in-Law
SD = Step-daughter
SS = Step-son
ADS = Adopted Son

Note: If the person is listed as "Enumerated with," the person named is the head of household.

Yell County
NameRelationAge RaceState of BirthComments
Barnett, AddieM56WILEnumerated with Barnett, William B.
Barnett, Alf W.GS12WAR Enumerated with Madison, Martha
Barnett, Alice Mrs.ML42WMS Enumerated with Reed, Rufus
Barnett, AnnieSi18WAR Enumerated with Barnett, William B.
Barnett, ArizonaSi16WAR Enumerated with Barnett, William B.
Birta Township
Barnett, Balus J.H31WAL
Barnett, NettieW24WAL
Barnett, Leslie C.S6WAL
Barnett, Gracie L.D4WAL
Barnett, Opal J.S2WAL
Barnett, Arthur R.S1WAL

Barnett, Charles C.H24WAR
Barnett, EvieW21WAR
Barnett, LelaD2WAR
Barnett, EdgarS1WAR
Barnett, UnnamedSRNWARLess than one year old
Havana Township
Barnett, ClaraSD9WALEnumerated with Mercer, Dack
Barnett, DicileGD7WAR Enumerated with Madison, Martha J.
Barnett, EthelSD11WAL Enumerated with Mercer, Dack
Barnett, F. (P.?) J.H46WAR
Barnett, SallieW38WAR
Barnett, EarnestS16WAR
Barnett, SilasS12WAR
Barnett, OllieD9WAR
Barnett, EstherD4WAR
Barnett, NetieD2WAR
Barnett, EtterDNRWARNo recorded age
Belleville Township
*Barnett, FrankH29WAR* indicates lines I'm researching
Barnett, DailyW27WAR
Barnett, LauraD7WAR
Barnett, WinnieD5WAR
Barnett, JohnSNRWAR

Barnett, Frank M.GS9WAR Enumerated with Madison, Martha J.
Barnett, FredSS7WALEnumerated with Mercer, Dack
Barnett, GrantGS5WAREnumerated with Madison, Martha J.
Barnett, JamesH39WNC
Barnett, LouisaW43WGA
Barnett, Anelton H.S17WAR
Barnett, Arilla A.D15WAR
Barnett, Arrie B.D14WAR
Barnett, Gertie M.D12WAR
Barnett, Ada B.D9WAR
Barnett, James H.S7WAR
Barnett, LudieD4WAR
Barnett, MarhaD1WARName probably is Martha

Barnett, James M.H44WAR
Barnett, EttaW25WAR
Barnett, Jennie B.S4WARAge is probably 9
Barnett, Artie B.S7WAR
Barnett, Bertha M.D4WAR
Barnett, Gracie R.D3WAR
Barnett, MaryDNRWAR

Barnett, JohnC37WAREnumerated with Barnett, William B.

Barnett, John R.H35WAR
Barnett, LouisaW21WAR

Barnett, John W.SE(?)50WTX Enumerated with Underwood, John E.
Birta Township
Barnett, Lauramer W.H69WAL
Barnett, JuliaW59WAL

Barnett, LulaSi16WAREnumerated with Barnett, Rufus C.

Barnett, RufusH24WAR
Barnett, MayW20WAR
Barnett, LulaSi16WAR

Barnett, RobertH37WAR
Barnett, AmyW17(?)WAR
Barnett, NonaD12WAR
Barnett, LeonaD11WAR
Barnett, GilbertS2WAR
Barnett, IraSNRWAR

Barnett, SarahH73WENG
Barnett, CharlieS50WENG
Barnett, AnnieD46WOH
Barnett, FredS35WOH
Gillenwater, LeeADS14WAR
Belleville Township
*Barnett, Silas L.H76WAL
Barnett, VirginiaW64WTN

Barnett, TanBO22WAREnumerated with Farrow, Aldine

Barnett, Thomas S.H26BSCEither the age or the relationship is incorrect here
Barnett, EllaW50BSC
Barnett, JohnS20BSC
Barnett, JessieD18BSC
Barnett, IdaD16BAR
Barnett, PearlD13BAR
Barnett, ArthurS10BAR
Barnett, OdieS8BAR

Barnett, Thomas T.H29WAR
Barnett, AnnieW35WTN
Barnett, FrankS15WAR
Barnett, B(E?)ruedS7WAR
Barnett, JessieS5WAR
Barnett, CloeD3WAR
Barnett, William L.SNRWAR

Barnett, WillH37WAR
Barnett, SallieW36WAR
Barnett, LoganS13WAR
Barnett, WillieS10WAR
Barnett, OrnerS8WAR
Barnett, CloverS5WAR
Barnett, SadieD4WAR
Barnett, EsterDNRWAR

Barnett, WilliamH49WNC
Barnett, MarthaW42WAR
Barnett, AnnieD15WAR
Barnett, DewieS11WAR
Barnett, LouisS10WAR
Barnett, BonnieD8WAR
Barnett, ClarenceS6WAR
Cox, MinnieSD15WAR
Cox, PearlSD13WAR
Cox, WillieSS9WAR
Cox, AnnieSD5WAR

Barnett, William B.H25WAR
Barnett, AddieM56WIL
Barnett, AnnieSi18WAR
Barnett, ArizonaSi16WAR
Barnett, JohnC37WAR

Barnett, William Z.H59WTN
Barnett, Mallie E.W56WAR
Barnett, William R.S15WAR

The following are some others I happened to be interested in:

1910 Soundex, Logan County, AR

Barnett, JohnH63WAR
Barnett, MaryeW60WAR
Barnett, JohnS26WAR
Barnett, R.V.S26WAR

1910 Soundex, Pope County, AR

Barnett, Silas B.H37WAL
Barnett, Maggie B.W37WAR
Barnett, James W.S16WAR
Barnett, Thomas H.S14WAR

1900 Soundex, Yell County, AR

NameRelationAge RaceMo./Yr. Of BirthPlace of Birth
Prairie Township
*Barnett, Silas L.
68WApr 1832 MS
Barnett, Virginia P.W58WMar 1842 TN
Barnett, Henry J.F.S18WSept 1881 AR
Barnett, Charles C.S17WNov 1882 AR

Barnett, William
27WOct 1872 AR
Barnett, SarahW25WOct 1874 AR
Barnett, Silas D.S4WApr 1896 AR
Barnett, William H.S2WApr 1898 AR

Barnett, John
55WJuly 1844 NC
Barnett, MaryW31WAug 1868 MS
Barnett, JamesS17WApr 1883 AR
Barnett, EdwardS15WFeb 1885 AR
Barnett, MaggieD13WMar 1887 AR
Barnett, DoraD11WMay 1889 AR
Barnett, NellieD9WNov 1890 AR
Barnett, MaudD7WMar 1893 AR
Barnett, HettieD5WMar 1895 AR
Barnett, RubyD2WJuly 1897 AR

1900 Soundex, Logan County, AR

Sugar Creek Township
Barnett, John
54WFeb 1846 AR
Barnett, Mary E.W50WJun 184(9) AR
Barnett, AdellaD19WAug 1880 AR
Barnett, Robert V.S17WDec 1882 AR
Barnett, John F.S17WDec 1882 AR
Barnett, James G.S15WJan 1885 AR
Reville Township, Magazine
Barnett, John W.
59WFeb 1841 TN
Barnett, PermeliaW57WJuly 1842 AR
Barnett, EdnaD22WMar 1878 AR
Barnett, OraD18WJan 1882 AR

Yell Co. Census 1870

NameAgeGender RaceOccupationState of Birth
Dardanelle Township
Barnett, Franklin35MWworks in saw millMississippi
Barnett, Silas24MWworks in saw millMississippi
Magazine Township
Barnett, James M.27MWworks on farm Alabama
Barnett, Emily21FWkeeping house Tennessee
Barnett, William3MW
Barnett, Anna1FW

Barnett, Mathew55MWfarmer Alabama
Barnett, Fedelia J.55FWkeeping houseAlabama
Barnett, William J.19MWworks on farmTennessee
Barnett, John W.18MWworks on farm Tennessee
Barnett, F?? M.14MWworks on farm Arkansas

Barnett, Enos46MWfarmer Alabama
Barnett, Lucinda46FWkeeping house Alabama
Barnett, James R.21MWworks on farm Tennessee
Barnett, Margaret19FWat home Tennessee
Barnett, James A.17MWworks on farm Tennessee
Barnett, John W.15MWworks on farm Tennessee
Barnett, Alfred M.13MWworks on farmTennessee

Barnett, Hugh32MWworks on farm Alabama
Barnett, Mary J.31FWkeeping house Arkansas
Barnett, Americus9MW
Barnett, Olivia7FW
Barnett, Arthur4MW
Barnett, Howard S.5/12MW

Barnett, Martha A.23FWkeeping houseArkansas
Barnett, Henry C.4MW
Barnett, James A.6/12MW
(in same household):
Willis, Nancy26FWworks in home Arkansas
Willis, Martha E.4FW

Yell County 1880 Census

NameGenderRace AgeRelationOccupation
Magazine Township
Barnett, James M.WM37head farmerALALGA
Barnett, EmilyWF35wifekeeping houseTNINTN
Barnett, Wm. ?WM12sonat homeARALTN
Barnett, Anna?WF11daughterat homeARALTN
Barnett, *ollieWF3daughterat homeARALTN
Barnett, Alford D?WM6sonat homeARALTN
Barnett, Fedelia E.WF4daughter at homeARALTN
Barnett, PearlyWF1daughterat homeARALTN
Barnett, Francis M.WM24boarding
NOTE: *ollie could be Hollie or Mollie and could be age 8

Barnett, Hugh M.WM42head farmingALALAL
Barnett, Mary J.WF41wife keeping houseARVATN
Barnett, Americus H.?WM19sonat homeARALAR
Barnett, Arther M.WM13sonat homeARALAR
Barnett, Howard W.WM10sonat homeARALAR
Barnett, EugeneWM?sonat homeARALAR
Barnett, MinnieWF6daughterat homeARALAR
Barnett, S??n??aWM1sonat homeARALAR

Barnett, Silas L.WM35headworks in sawmillMSARTN
Barnett, VirginiaWF35wife keeping houseTNTNTN
Barnett, Laura E.WF12daughter at homeARMSTN
Barnett, James P.WM10sonat homeARMSTN
Barnett, William T.WM8sonat homeARMSTN
Barnett, MarthaWF6daughterat homeARMSTN
Barnett, MaryWF5daughterat homeARMSTN
Barnett, John R.WM3sonat homeARMSTN
Barnett, VirginiaWF1daughterat homeARMSTN

Barnett, MathewWM64head farmingALKYKY
Barnett, Fedelia J.WF65wife keeping houseTNGA?GA?
Barnett, Wm. W.Y.WM29sonat homeTNALTN
Barnett, John W. WM27sonat homeTNALTN
(also in same home)
Jones, John H.?WM10grandsonat homeARALAL
Jones, Charley T.WM9grandsonat homeARALAL
Jones, Fina E.WM9?4?grandsonat homeARALAL
Ward Township
Barnett, JohnWM32head farmerNCSCSC
Barnett, MaryWF5daughter
Barnett, AdaWF3daughter
Barnett, CatherineWF5/12??? daughter
Barnett, CinthaWF57motherkeeps houseSCSCSC
Barnett, JamesWM31brotherworks on farmNCSCSC
Barnett, SarahWF37sisterworks on farmNCSCSC

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