Aunt Dilly or Welcome Home Church Cemetery, on Rose Creek, Perry County, Arkansas

Copied 27 Sep 1994 by Cornelia Daniels and Julia Ann Taylor. From Centerville, Arkansas take Hwy. 154 east to Junction of Hwy. 155, go about 10 miles to Welcome Home Free Will Baptist Church sign. Turn left on county road to church cemetery. Located in Perry County, Arkansas. Cemetery is named after Delilah "Aunt Dilly" (Hubbard) Robinson, born 28 Jan 1820, died 12 Dec 1871. Aunt Dilly donated land for this cemetery. She married Elisha Jolly Robinson 28 Jan 1838. Jolly fought and died in the Civil War.

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Alexander, Julie
7 Mar 1939
Alexander, Zettieno dates

Ashcraft, Burley Van4 Jun 19008 May 1984SSDI
Ashcraft, Nettie (Dempsey)189811 Nov 1922
Ashcraft, Wonda L.14 Oct 19336 Apr 1935
Bailey, Carolyn L.22 Jul 19512 Aug 1951
Bailey, Clayton C.15 May 19307 Oct 1938
Bailey, Fannie Emerline R. w/o Walter Clay (M) 14 Apr 1929 9 Aug 191216 Jan 1998SSDI
Bailey, Walter Clay25 Mar 191131 Oct 1980SSDI
Ballard, Isabelle19 Apr 18671 May 1917
Ballard, James3 Nov 189723 Jan 1917
Barnes, Irene8 Nov 1915Jun 1942
Barnes, Samuel29 Jan11 May
Barnes, William S.4 Aug 18716 Dec 1946
Beene, Jo Ann (Robertson) d/o Virdie & Sybil V. (Robinson)26 Jul 194130 Nov 1980SSDI
Beers, ----------Jun 1980
Beers, J.H.
17 Mar 1880
Blaylock, Mitchell Troy22 Aug 195530 Dec 1985SSDI
Bowen, Ben A.1952

Bowen, Cleo w/o James R.12 Nov 192426 Dec 1993SSDI
Bowen, James R.27 Feb 190510 Feb 1991SSDI
Brixey, Barbara Jo w/o Jimmy Dail6 Feb 1944Living
Brixey, Billno dates

Brixey, Caldonano dates

Brixey, Garfield3 Sep 188030 Nov 1955
Brixey, Henry Roscoe Pvt. US Army WWII30 Sep 19155 May 1985SSDI
Brixey, Infant s/o Jimmy Dail & Barbara JoB & D15 May 1963
Brixey, James Noah----6 Mar 1957
Brixey, James Silvey "Jim" Civil War Union Co. B 8th Reg. MSM Cav. Volunteers s/o James & Julia A. (Silvey)ca. 1841/3ca. 1885/91
Brixey, Jimmy Dail10 Sep 194025 Mar 1993SSDI
Brixey, John A.Jul 1876Jan 1948
Brixey, Lucinda (Haynes) w/o James Silveyca. 1843/5ca. 1912
Brixey, dates

Brixey, Marthano dates

Brixey, Mary Isabel w/o Henry Roscoe26 Apr 1917Living
Brixey, Missouri w/o Garfield21 Jan 187927 Jun 1950
Brixey, Theralno dates

Brixey, Utalno dates

Brown, Mrs. Dora185719 Mar 1942
Brown, Martha9 Jul ----3 Oct 1896
Bryant, Baby1924

Bryant, Lovie Elvira w/o Marion Franklin7 Jan 190219 Feb 1986SSDI
Bryant, Marion Franklin10 Dec 18939 Mar 1959
Campbell, Della Mae (Rainey) d/o Ernest Elmer & Anne (Stewart) w/o Edward Lee22 Sep 192124 Oct 2003SSDI
Campbell, Edward Lee Pfc. US Army WWII13 Dec 191430 Aug 1974SSDI
Campbell, Goldie M. (Rainey) d/o James Edward & Ollie (Cline) w/o Odell26 Jun 192416 Oct 2000SSDI
Campbell, Odell25 Aug 19224 May 1966SSDI
Carter, Billy Gene (Mason) Pfc. US Army Korea (M) 6 Jul 1950 20 Jul 193011 Dec 1980SSDI
Carter, Bonnie D. (Ray) w/o Billy Gene28 Aug 193314 Nov 1999SSDI
Casey, Margaret Ann14 Jun 186123 Dec 1941
Chapman, Steven Dennis Jr.B & D6 May 1979
Clines, Mary L.10 Oct 18826 Apr 1948
Conner, Billie Earvin s/o Johnnie & Lessie (Hubbard)13 Aug 193528 Jul 1937
Conner, Emma Louise d/o Johnnie & Lessie (Hubbard)13 Jun 19285 Aug 1928
Conner, Lessie (Hubbard) w/o Johnnie27 Mar 190911 Jun 1997SSDI
Crutchfield, Louvenia19161975
Drye, Chester Miles29 Feb 191217 Jun 1988SSDI
Drye, Rosetta (Robertson) w/o Chester Miles19 Nov 19099 Sep 1999SSDI
Evans, Della B. w/o W. Finis10 Oct 1903 7 Oct 1989SSDI
Evans, W. Finis9 Apr 189811 Nov 1958
Faubus, InfantB & D23 Sep 1914
Faubus, InfantB & D15 Oct 1917
Faubus, InfantB & D20 Nov 1929
Faulkner, Claude Edward23 Mar 194113 Jun 1993SSDI
Faulkner, Claude O.1 Aug 191330 Jun 1974SSDI
Faulkner, John Graham US Navy7 Dec 1937 2 Aug 1962
Faulkner, Sarah P. w/o Claude O. (M) 9 Dec 193425 Dec 191528 Feb 1991SSDI
Fawbus, Joel L.(note spelling)9 May 185530 Feb 1898
Fitch, Bethelno dates

Fitch, Earl21 Aug 190619 Apr 1983SSDI
Fitch, Floyd Velmer s/o Arthur George & Sara (Whitfield) 12 Aug 193113 Dec 2001SSDI
Fitch, George A.15 Oct 188416 Jan 1967SSDI
Fitch, InfantB & D23 Jan 1923
Fitch, Infant s/o Rile & NancyB & D13 Jan 1925
Fitch, James Corder29 Nov 188024 Jan 1965
Fitch, Joseph F.26 Sep 187030 Aug 1922
Fitch, Lavelle19 Apr 191522 May 1934
Fitch, Lola9 Jul 191221 May 1970SSDI
Fitch, Mabel Jane20 Apr 191610 Nov 1960
Fitch, Martha dates

Fitch, Mary dates

Fitch, Robertno dates

Fitch, Sarah A.26 Sep 189829 May 1957
Fitch, Sarah E. w/o J.F.3 Mar 187811 Jun 1933
Fitch, Tennessee6 Apr 188613 Apr 1958
Fox, Effie Cherry10 Dec 187519 Sep 1964
Gray, Mary Adaline (Moore)23 Sep 190525 Feb 1986SSDI
Grooms, Charles R.22 Aug 18836 May 1905
Halbrook, Meda Arvilla23 Oct 190410 Oct 1953
Hale, Annie L.11 yr 5 mo 15 ds26 Nov 1946
Hale, Nora M.40 yr 5 mo 27 ds29 Sep 1932
Hamilton, Anne P.18641924
Hamilton, Ella C.18611882
Hamilton, Inf. s/o L.A. & M.J.21 Mar 189918 Apr 1899
Hamilton, John T. (W of W)18571927
Hamilton, Rosey25 Jan 188914 Aug 1909
Hendrickson, Clarence Jr.B & D2 Mar 1928
Hepp, Jerry Don s/o Odean (Campbell) gs/o Odell & Goldie M. (Rainey)13 Apr 196621 Jun 1991
Hubbard, Alva E. w/o Mark R.27 Mar 1906 25 Oct 1994SSDI
Hubbard, Charles Don13 Dec 19493 Feb 1950
Hubbard, Charles McKinley (M) 19 Oct 192311 Sep 190020 Aug 1989SSDI
Hubbard, Charlie Leroy s/o William E. Sr. & Marry Jane (Fitch)29 Jun 188227 Feb 1945
Hubbard, Dorothyno dates84 yr 6 mo 14 da
Hubbard, Mrs. dates

Hubbard, Ella d/o Lee & Minnieno dates

Hubbard, Elsie Jane w/o William M.20 Aug 18954 Jun 1969SSDI
Hubbard, Emmano dates

Hubbard, Frankie Jane11 Oct 1885no date
Hubbard, Franklin "Frank" Levan29 May 193327 Oct 1991SSDI
Hubbard, George Riley18 Aug 1872no date
Hubbard, Henry Clay s/o William E. Sr. & Marry Jane (Fitch)24 Dec 188523 Aug 1958
Hubbard, dates

Hubbard, James Hampton "Hamp" s/o William E. Jr. & Sarah Ann (McCabe)5 May 18901 Jun 1956
Hubbard, James Thomas18 Nov 186727 Feb 1927
Hubbard, Jessie R. s/o William E. Jr. & Sarah Ann (McCabe)22 Mar 189222 Aug 1987SSDI
Hubbard, John T.16 Nov 188917 Jan 1964
Hubbard, Julia (Rainey) w/o Lution10 Nov 19239 Oct 2003
Hubbard, Lee Anderson30 Nov 189419 Oct 1948
Hubbard, Leonard Rickey4 Dec 19528 Feb 1953
Hubbard, Lester27 Mar 19094 Sep 1938
Hubbard, Lillie Mae w/o Jessie R.8 Apr 189517 Feb 1974SSDI
Hubbard, Lution Henry (M) 9 Jan 19468 Dec 191215 Apr 1989SSDI
Hubbard, Lution Lavan14 Jan 19476 May 1948
Hubbard, Mrs. dates

Hubbard, Marion18841949
Hubbard, Mark B. (M) 16 Jul 192222 Jun 190329 May 1987SSDI
Hubbard, Maycleno dates

Hubbard, Millardno dates

Hubbard, Minnie (Story) w/o Lee Anderson21 Feb 18956 Nov 1977SSDI
Hubbard, Nancy Adline22 Jan 18898 Feb 1919
Hubbard, Nealy Francis (Conner) w/o James Hampton27 Apr 189524 Aug 1972SSDI
Hubbard, Rayborn (M) 7 Jul 19354 Oct 1916Living
Hubbard, RickeyB & D10 Dec 1957
Hubbard, Robert Sanford11 Sep 1890no date
Hubbard, Rosie E.B & D29 Sep 1903
Hubbard, Rosie Ellen (Epperson) w/o Charles M.16 Jan 190329 Aug 1957
Hubbard, Rossie V. (Conner) w/o J.T.8 Apr 18933 Oct 1963
Hubbard, Samantha w/o Marion12 Oct 1890 15 Jul 1968SSDI
Hubbard, Sarah Ann (McCabe) w/o William E. Jr.26 Jan 18641 Mar 1947
Hubbard, Sarah Laverne w/o Rayborn13 Jun 192128 Nov 1993SSDI
Hubbard, SeraellaB & D28 Sep 1924
Hubbard, dates

Hubbard, Veria & Verlinno dates

Hubbard, Violet Pauline9 Feb 19246 Jun 1944
Hubbard, Virgil dates

Hubbard, William E. Jr.11 Jun 186225 Nov 1935
Hubbard, William E. Sr. M/1 Hannah E. (Fitch) M/2 Marry Jane (Fitch)184017 Feb 1912
Hubbard, William Jollie3 Nov 1886no date
Hubbard, William Matthew s/o William E. Jr. & Sarah Ann (McCabe)22 Oct 188722 Mar 1953
Hubbard, Zettie19231960
Hukkala, Minnie Hubbard M/1 Lester Hubbard M/2 ------ Hukkala23 May 190912 Feb 1983SSDI
Johnston, Alice7 Aug 189331 Aug 1893
Johnston, Lucy May6 May 18983 Oct 1899
Johnston, Mary Jane w/o Robert Hume23 Nov 186127 Apr 1922
Johnston, Robert Hume3 Jul 18475 Jun 1925
Jones, Elvie E.13 Jun 190731 Dec 1909
Jones, Infantno dates

Jones, Mazie E. w/o Millard B.19 Aug 190731 Jan 2001SSDI
Jones, Mildred B.21 Jul 19162 Sep 1942
Jones, Millard B.9 Sep 19137 Aug 1986SSDI
Jones, Sara E.18 Jun 185715 Dec 1898
Jotucker, Jesse18991901
Kelley, E.P.4 Jan 19138 Jun 1933
Kelley, J.M. (W of W)11 Apr 187017 Feb 1937
Kelley, John H.6 Mar 188912 Sep 1952
Kelley, M.J.9 Apr 18754 Aug 1928
Long, Cecil G.29 Dec 189525 Nov 1917
Long, Cecil G. d/o C.G.4 Jul 191824 Aug 1918
Manes, Myrtle E.3 Dec 19003 Oct 1902
Manes, Thomas A.9 Dec 19034 Feb 1904
Massey, Aymar19 May 189910 Sep 1936
Massey, Flossie E. w/o Aymar3 Aug 1903 10 Sep 1994SSDI
Mata, W.H.7 Aug 188527 Oct 1886
McKenzie, Donald R. "Donnie" s/o Leon & Verna Gunther h/o Connie23 Dec 194914 Jul 2000SSDI
McKenzie, Glenn Davis s/o Leon & Verna Gunther9 Jul 195323 Nov 1971
Merritt, Jewell A. (Robinson) (Eastern Star) d/o James Robert & Mary (Clay) w/o William Henry9 Sep 191516 Feb 2003SSDI
Merritt, Lee (Mason) (W of W)26 Feb 1887 1 Jun 1974SSDI
Merritt, Ola w/o Lee13 Dec 18872 Mar 1982SSDI
Merritt, Sarah L. Nora9 Jul 19105 Jul 1912
Merritt, Thelmer s/o Lee & Ola13 Jul 190824 Jul 1923
Merritt, William Henry s/o Lee & Ola (Robinson)26 Dec 19135 Mar 1998SSDI
Mitchell, Frances (Granny)18421934
Mitchell, James Earl2 Oct 190723 Jun 1958
Mitchell, James F.1 Jan 187228 Mar 1946
Mitchell, Jesse Liverston25 Mar 188022 Sep 1965
Mitchell, Johnny s/o George Findley & Dora (Ingram)2 Mar 191023 Mar 1910
Mitchell, Leothia West w/o James Earl9 Dec 19081 Aug 1974SSDI
Mitchell, Martha Deliajane (Hamilton) w/o Jesse Liverston 21 Jul 189019 Apr 1969
Mitchell, Winnie O. w/o James F.27 Nov 187218 May 1932
Moore, Aliceno dates

Moore, Anne Bell21 Jul 190424 Feb 1920
Moore, Bobno dates29 Mar 1921
Moore, Claudy9 Aug 19121 Jun 1914
Moore, Henry William2 Mar 189410 Mar 1970SSDI
Moore, Inf. s/o Bob & Maryno dates 29 Mar 1921
Moore, Inf. s/o Mary Iva (Bell) & Henry WilliamB & D29 Mar 1921
Moore, Infant22 Feb 192925 Feb 1929
Moore, Inf. s/o Raymond7 Mar 19498 Mar 1949
Moore, Inf. s/o Oscar & AdelineB & D9 May 1929
Moore, John Gladman
Additional Info from William R. Crain, Sr.
no marker08 Jul 1938
Moore, John Henry188510 Jan 1965
Moore, John dates

Moore, John Wesley22 Dec 18845 May 1951
Moore, Katherine dates

Moore, Laurence10 Apr 192424 Aug 1924
Moore, Lauvell29 Oct 19174 Mar 1918
Moore, Lonnie10 Apr 192431 May 1977SSDI
Moore, dates

Moore, Marthano dates

Moore, Maryno dates

Moore, Mary Adeline w/o Samuel Oscar23 Sep 190525 Feb 1986
Moore, Mary Iva (Bell) w/o Henry William15 Feb 189619 Apr 1992SSDI
Moore, Melvin R.8 Dec 187821 Dec 1943
Moore, Minnie (Robertson) w/o John Wesley26 Dec 188523 Mar 1972
Moore, Oscar15 Aug 190023 Jul 1962
Moore, dates

Moore, Robert Andersonno dates

Moore, Samuel Oscar15 Aug 190023 Jul 1962
Moore, Sarah D. w/o W.R.18751940
Moore, Sidneyno dates

Moore, Walter dates

Moore, William R.18711945
Moore, Winnie82 yr 11 mo3 Jan 1971
Moore, Yvonne Carolyn31 Mar 193617 Jan 1976SSDI
Moore, Zettie France (Haynes) d/o Elemezer B. & Mary Jane (Bone) w/o John Gladman - no marker
Additional Info from William R. Crain, Sr.
ca. 1882ca. 1918
Morgan, Inf. s/o L.A. & MarthaB & D1889
Morgan, J.B.1 Mar 185412 Dec 1915
Morgan, John dates

Morgan, dates

Morgan, Margaret A. w/o J.B.12 May 1854 1 Jul 1929
Morgan, Wallisno dates

Morgan, Walter dates

Parson, Arthur J.28 Aug 188111 Oct 1959
Parson, Wrendy J. w/o Arthur J.15 Dec 188412 May 1976SSDI
Partridge, Martha L. (Rainey) w/o Andy E.29 Aug 19148 Mar 1991SSDI
Pearson, Gladys (Hoskins) d/o Clarence Otis Sr. & Lizzie (Hickle)1930Sep 1989
Pearson, Lola Fay (Mitchell) d/o Jesse Liverston & Martha Deliajane (Hamilton) w/o Oren22 Jan 191114 Oct 2004SSDI
Pearson, Robby Dwayne s/o Bobby & MargaretB & D9 May 1956
Proctor, Uncle Edd18751956
Rainey, Andy E. s/o James Edward11 Apr 1910no date
Rainey, Aron Cornelius1 Nov 18682 Aug 1930
Rainey, Gerthal Gertrude d/o Carroll W. & Lillian M. (Archer)17 Dec 192921 Oct 1948
Rainey, Edward C.1 Oct 193112 Dec 2002SSDI
Rainey, Infantno dates

Rainey, James Edward18 Nov 18912 Nov 1974SSDI
Rainey, Jennie Bell (Moore)no dates

Rainey, Lillian M. (Archer) w/o Carroll W.21 Jul 189610 Aug 1927
Rainey, Mandy Cordella w/o Aron Cornelius13 Jul 18707 Dec 1933
Rainey, Ollie (Cline) w/o James Edward4 Apr 19082 Mar 1987SSDI
Rainey, Oscar Monroeno dates

Rainey, Theo s/o Carroll W. & Lillian M. (Archer)9 Jul 191315 May 1918
Raymond, Infant Son8 Feb 19498 Mar 1949
Reed, Melvie Jean (Rainey) d/o James Edward & Ollie (Cline)9 Oct 194720 Jan 1979SSDI
Roberson, Robert Sidney31 Dec 185726 Mar 1898
Roberson, T.A.16 Aug 18806 Nov 1900
Robertson, Alexander L.16 Mar 184712 Mar 1904
Robertson, Babyno dates

Robertson, Ben F.26 Jun 19058 Jul 1930
Robertson, Mrs. dates

Robertson, Elisha11 May 185226 Aug 1905
Robertson, Elzie (West) w/o Thomas S.9 Aug 18907 May 1967SSDI
Robertson, Emma15 Oct 191526 Aug 1932
Robertson, Gilbert W.B & D26 Sep 1936
Robertson, John William3 Oct 188724 Dec 1977SSDI
Robertson, Julia w/o Robert (M) 2 May 188126 Mar 186214 Jul 1954
Robertson, L.C.9 Dec 185117 Sep 1915
Robertson, Mary (Ashcraft) w/o Robert T.15 Feb 18854 Feb 1951
Robertson, Minnie w/o J.W.26 Dec 1885 23 Mar 1972
Robertson, Myrtle Lavoy6 Jul 19176 Feb 1991SSDI
Robertson, Nancy Cassandra "Cassie" w/o Walter A.26 Mar 189524 Nov 1976SSDI
Robertson, Olano dates

Robertson, R.L.1 Oct 192610 Jun 1982
Robertson, Robert27 Mar 185824 Jan 1935
Robertson, Robert Theophilus5 Dec 1882 4 Jan 1934
Robertson, Sybil V. (Robinson) d/o George W. & Earl (Graham) w/o Virdie9 Nov 19121 Aug 2001
Robertson, Theo W.12 Oct 191231 Aug 1990SSDI
Robertson, Thomas S.27 Mar 189012 Apr 1959
Robertson, Virdie22 Mar 191531 May 1991SSDI
Robertson, Walter A.15 Mar 189228 Sep 1963SSDI
Robertson, Winnie Arizona w/o John Wm.27 Nov 189115 Dec 1968
Robinson, Birlie Viola (Moore) w/o W. Cleo (M) 29 Aug 1936 29 Sep 191430 Oct 1998
Robinson, Earl (Graham) w/o George W.1 Feb 188922 May 1948
Robinson, Emma w/o Jim18801910
Robinson, Ethel22 Apr 189327 Jul 1919
Robinson, George W.12 Nov 18806 Dec 1922
Robinson, Mrs. George W.12 Oct 18846 May 1955
Robinson, Hadie E.13 Jan 189522 Feb 1973SSDI
Robinson, Helen Josette25 Jan 196828 Jan 1968
Robinson, Jessie20 Aug 189716 Oct 1900
Robinson, Jim18781962
Robinson, Robert E.10 Feb 1902Jan 1967SSDI
Robinson, Ruth w/o Walter18941965
Robinson, Mrs. dates

Robinson, Sarah dates

Robinson, Sarah L. w/o W.H.28 Dec 1862 14 Aug 1906
Robinson, W. Cleo22 Jun 191725 Nov 1997SSDI
Robinson, W.H.3 Sep 186221 Jan 1948
Robinson, Walter18891967
Schimmel, Clarence T. Pvt. US Army WWII28 Feb 189730 Dec 1975SSDI
Schimmel, George A.17 Jan 185010 Sep 1925
Schimmel, Larcey2 Nov 18981 Aug 1924
Schimmel, Lola FayApr 1920Mar 1925
Schimmel, Mary Ann w/o G.A.2 Oct 1865 28 May 1926
Schimmel, Ruth FayFeb 1931Jan 1933
Schimmel, Sam W.15 Nov 18999 Sep 1986SSDI
Schimmel, Velma Darthula w/o Sam W.19 Dec 190516 Jan 1968SSDI
St. John, Infant s/o ArthurB & D26 Oct 1926
Stone, Lee4 Apr 193412 Oct 1944
Stone, Oscar Lee Sr.25 Dec 190417 Jun 1949
Straight, Hilton Oliver6 Dec 190613 Apr 1981SSDI
Straight, Zella Jane (Brixey) w/o Hilton Oliver16 Jul 191123 Dec 1985SSDI
Suggs, James Samuel4 Jun 186429 May 1940
Suggs, Martha Jane w/o J.S.3 Mar 1861 21 Dec 1929
Sutton, George27 Nov 1887No date
Sutton, Mary L.4 Jan 189322 Sep 1921
Teel, Dora Ellen w/o T.R.10 Sep 1902Dec 1993SSDI
Teel, Thomas Henry3 Aug 188029 Jan 1962
Teel, Vernell7 Aug 19281 Oct 1928
Thrower, Daniel W.29 Apr 18757 Sep 1954
Thrower, Ellen15 May 188616 Nov 1934
Tippit, Jim Wesley US Army s/o Ben & Inez (Davis) h/o Louise (Wagner) (M) 195226 Aug 19309 Feb 2003
Tucker, Jessie J.28 Jan 18994 Apr 1901
Wagner, Etta Ann w/o William Otto2 Apr 190010 Jan 1980SSDI
Wagner, William Otto6 Nov 189216 Dec 1943
West, Alvin8 Aug 188622 Aug 1953
West, Dorothy Inez w/o William Carroll (M) 11 Sep 192615 Jan 191010 Jan 1988SSDI
West, Elizabeth w/o T.S.7 Aug 18907 May 1967
West, Ethel14 Feb 190615 Nov 1965
West, Girthel Gertrude (Story) d/o William Otto & Emily Dooley (Hale) w/o Alvin27 Jan 19128 Aug 1947
West, Herbert Lindell27 Nov 192820 Jan 1930
West, Lorene20 Feb 192222 Dec 1928
West, Cecil M. "Met"26 Feb 190418 Dec 1999SSDI
West, Sarah F. w/o William A.4 Apr 1876 27 Jul 1951
West, Willard s/o Alvin & Girthel Gertrude (Story)8 Aug 193216 Dec 1933
West, William A.22 Oct 18772 Feb 1953
West, William Carroll10 Feb 1909Living
Whitfield, Arthur C.21 Feb 189910 May 1916
Whitfield, Cassie Lavia22 Mar 19185 Jan 1920
Whitfield, Claudiano date17 Aug 1901
Whitfield, Danny W.9 Oct 197110 Jun 1985
Whitfield, Donia3 Mar 18833 Aug 1893
Whitfield, Edward Parish M/1 Fannie (Moore) M/2 Mary Jane (Hubbard)11 Nov 186422 Jan 1939
Whitfield, Emma J. (Moore) w/o George W.22 Mar 186511 Nov 1928
Whitfield, Fannie (Moore)18661892
Whitfield, George W.24 Feb 186227 Apr 1930
Whitfield, J.C. s/o E.M. & StellaB & D12 Jan 1927
Whitfield, J.D.20 Nov 1886no date
Whitfield, James Robert s/o Thomas Henry & Martha (Mitchell)29 Jul 188124 Feb 1960
Whitfield, Margaret Jane (Evans) w/o Theodore D.18 Feb 187119 Jul 1967SSDI
Whitfield, Martha (Mitchell) w/o Thomas Henry24 Mar 187528 Oct 1952
Whitfield, Mary Jane (Hubbard) w/o Edward Parish4 Jan 18691924
Whitfield, May22 Dec 191020 Apr 1922
Whitfield, Quinton Pvt. US Army WWII18 Oct 191328 Apr 1979
Whitfield, Robertno dates

Whitfield, Sarah Kathryn "Cassie" (Wade) w/o James Robert 26 Oct 18857 Apr 1918
Whitfield, Sinia Adilene (Cobb)28 Dec 182817 Oct 1875
Whitfield, Theodore Dixon (M) 16 Sep 188611 Aug 186729 Jan 1921
Whitfield, Thomas Henry s/o Henry Thomas & Hattie (Fitch)28 Feb 1878 12 May 1960
Whitfield, Thomas Tinsley M/1 Lucinda (Hyde) (M) 11 Aug 1825 M/2 Sinia Adilene (Cobb)15 Dec 180622 Dec 1878
Whitfield, Vaudie Cordella19151988

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