Aly Cemetery, Yell County, Arkansas

Copied and updated 8 Apr 1994 by Basil Hunt. This Cemetery is on the grounds of the Aly Union Community Church, west side of Highway #27 some twenty miles south of Rover. Very clean and well-kept cemetery.

Larger version of this photo

Larger version of this photo

Where possible, we have updated this page to include any corrections and additions to listings. Source information for these additions and corrections came from the Social Security Death Index and various external sources.

CPF = Confederate Pension Files
SSDI = Social Security Death Index
UPF = Union Pension Files
WWIR = WWI Records

NameBornDiedAdditional Verification
Alexander, Ethel S. (Phillips)11 Mar 19102 Jul 1988SSDI
Armstrong, Alexander H. Civil War Union Co. C & E 4th AR date28 Jan 1918UPF
Auld, Vernon Marcus US Air Force Korea5 Jul 193214 Aug 1999SSDI
Austin, Charles Henry Ark. Pvt. US Army WWI10 Jun 188917 Jun 1958
Austin, dates

Austin, Voyza Lee (Wallace) w/o Charles Henry13 Jan 19072 Feb 1988SSDI
Barrows, C.C.22 Mar 185713 Dec 1920
Barrows, Herbert18981898
Barrows, Inf./o C.C. & VirginiaB & D1890
Barrows, Stella18931894
Barrows, Virginia w/o C.C.10 Dec 1856 8 Mar 1940
Blanchard, Nellie R. (Marcrum) w/o Fletcher19014 Apr 1977
Blaylock, Martha Elizabeth (Marcrum) w/o Edd N. d/o Ky & Elizabeth17 Mar 187715 Oct 1945
Conyers, Octavia18761953
Cumbie, Charles s/o Reuben Andrew Jackson & Sarah Elizabeth (McCall)3 Oct 182124 Jan 1907
Cumbie, Cordelia S. (McCormick) w/o James Henry18921929
Cumbie, John William s/o Charles & Nancy Jane (Gamble) 28 Jan 18484 Sep 1918
Cumbie, Lula (Blakeley) w/o William Hillaryno dates

Cumbie, Stella Mae d/o James Henry & Cordelia S. (McCormick)192021 Jul 1928
Cumbie, Talitha Jane (Harry) w/o John William (M) 3 Nov 1867 d/o Jason John & Epsey G. (Banks)29 May 1848 20 Jun 1936
Cumbie, William Arthur s/o William Hillary & Lula (Blakeley)21 Jun 191831 Jan 1923
Cumbie, William Hillary s/o John William & Talitha Jane (Harry)24 Sep 187822 Jun 1957
Cumbie, Willie B. w/o Woodrow (M) 5 Aug 19349 Dec 191311 Aug 1992SSDI
Cumbie, Woodrow s/o James Henry & Cordelia S. (McCormick)22 Nov 191213 Sep 1994 SSDI
Curl, J.M.9 May 18452 Apr 1926
Curl, Susan w/o J.M.20 Sep 184526 Aug 1912
Curl, Willie L.17 Jul 188421 Nov 1918
Davis, Etiol Ann21 Dec 193418 Dec 1935
Dorough, Harriet Alberta (Schofield) w/o John Milton7 Jul 187722 Apr 1929
Dorough, John Milton s/o William Thomas & Sarah Frances (Apperson)6 Mar 187422 Sep 1950
Ferguson, Minnie24 Nov 187121 Mar 1962
Gabbert, James Carrol s/o J.L. & M.T.13 Jan 189616 Oct 1899
Gabbert, James L.20 Jan 187122 Dec 1928
Gabbert, Jessie T.9 Nov 18898 Mar 1901
Gabbert, Martha J. w/o William G.15 Aug 184922 May 1915
Gabbert, Mary T. w/o James L.18728 Oct 1948
Gabbert, William G.15 Aug 184213 Aug 1910
Gagne, Allan Dale11 Jan 196519 Jan 1966
Gagne, Anice Ilene12 May 193617 Feb 1979SSDI
Grantz, Dorothy10 Feb 194521 May 2002SSDI
Grantz, Hazel Virginia10 Nov 194225 Sep 1999
Havner, Darlene Sue (Gantz) d/o Larry Sr. & Hazel Virginia (Estes)16 Dec 19647 Aug 2002SSDI
Harvey, James Smith18652 Jul 1943
Harvey, Sallie Stokes M/1 Franklin Stokes M/2 James Smith Harvey12 Feb 187615 Jul 1967SSDI
Houston, Alla Faye (Cumbie) w/o Curtis A. d/o James Henry & Cordelia S. (McCormick)7 Apr 192615 Dec 1988SSDI
Houston, Curtis A.14 Oct 1927Living
Howerton, dates

Howerton, Inf. s/o Odellno dates

Howerton, J.W.18 Oct 188829 Dec 1889
Howerton, James Dellno dates6 mo
Hutchison, H.M.27 Nov 19054 Nov 1928
Hutchison, Henry M. Civil War Union Co. E. 3rd Ark. date16 Nov 1911UPF
Hutchison, Jerdon M.17 Jan 18757 Jul 1927
Hutchison, Merriel H.Jan 1906Jun 1932
Hutchison, Ulyssus S. GrantOct 187018 May 1943
Keener, ---------no dates

Keener, Glyda (Swaim) d/o Otis Polk & Jodie (Rainwater) M/1 Orr Bates M/2 Jess Keener27 Feb 190724 Jul 2003SSDI
Marcrum, Archie Vernon WWII Ark. Pfc. 1849 SVC Comb. Unit BSM27 Dec 19252 Jul 1953
Marcrum, Elizabeth Jane (Bennett) 2nd w/o Squire Washington "Ky"30 Oct 1848ca. 16 Nov 1928
Marcrum, James Wesley14 Mar 195820 Oct 1979SSDI
Marcrum, Jessie T. "Bud"13 Jan 189823 Apr 1965
Marcrum, Squire Washington "Ky" M/1 Dicy (Strickland) M/2 Elizabeth Jane (Bennett) s/o Thomas & Leannah (Hallmark)24 Nov 183425 May 1925
Marcrum, Susan Alberta (Simpson) w/o Thomas Washington d/o Joseph & Hattie (Harding)2 Mar 187927 Aug 1962
Marcrum, Thomas Washington s/o Squire Washington & Elizabeth Jane (Bennett)26 Jan 187219 Jun 1943
Marshall, Alton Cecil WWII Ark. M.M. 3 C USNR s/o Samson & Emma (Crawford)29 Aug 191815 Sep 1946
Marshall, Catherine24 Nov 18717 Nov 1901
Marshall, Emma "Emmie" (Crawford) w/o Samson30 May 189927 May 1929
Marshall, Jesse Franklin7 Nov 190110 Mar 1902
Marshall, John Thomas26 Apr 189718 Jun 1970SSDI
Marshall, Samson6 Jan 18874 Mar 1924
McCormick, Addie Mae (Morgan) w/o Cecil David (M) 10 Dec 1927 d/o Jake & Ola12 Oct 190916 Jun 1997SSDI
McCormick, Anna "Annie" E. w/o James Noble12 Jan 191218 Nov 1940
McCormick, Cecil David s/o Dee & Eugenia Sarah (Cumbie) 6 Apr 19052 Mar 1978SSDI
McCormick, Dee21 Oct 187815 Apr 1956
McCormick, Eugenia Sarah (Cumbie) w/o Dee d/o John William & Talitha Jane (Harry)26 May 188022 Jul 1958
McCormick, Inf. s/o ArlessB & D4 Aug 1939
McCormick, J.T.24 Oct 18481 Mar 1923
McCormick, James Noble WWII Ark. S.I. US Navy s/o Dee & Eugenia Sarah (Cumbie)10 Apr 190810 Apr 1978SSDI
McCormick, Lessie d/o Dee & Eugenia Sarah (Cumbie)B & D23 Oct 1903
Morgan, Fannieno dates

Morgan, Jake2 Feb 188527 Sep 1936
Morgan, John H.18533 Jun 1925
Morgan, M. Hillno dates

Morgan, Margaret dates

Morgan, Monroe dates

Morgan, Ola w/o Jake1 Oct 189215 Aug 1975
Morgan, Ralph18821909
Morgan, Rendano dates

Parker, John Jefferson
Additional Info from Imogene Priddy Parker
26 Jan 187326 Apr 1958
Parker, Lottie (Poole) w/o John Jefferson28 Jun 18732 Apr 1950
Phillips, Floyd F. s/o Meredith Franklin & Sarah S. (Cagle)14 Sep 190613 Apr 1960
Phillips, Lester F. Sr. s/o Floyd & Stella Florence (Summit)26 Aug 19265 Feb 1971SSDI
Phillips, Meredith Franklin21 Oct 1869 9 Oct 1925
Phillips, Sarah S. (Cagle) w/o Meredith Franklin15 Apr 18715 Feb 1956
Potter, Emma A. w/o S.C.7 Jun 187812 Dec 1914
Potter, Erchel s/o W.R. & Liller24 Jan 190523 Oct 1907
Potter, Ernest C. s/o Joel C. & Minerva Belle (Marcrum) 10 Jul 1929Dec 1954
Potter, Fred Perman WWII Ark. Pfc. 429 AAA Btry.29 Sep 193115 Mar 1955
Potter, dates

Potter, Inf.B & D8 May 1910
Potter, Inf. TwinsB & D17 Jan 1941
Potter, Joel C.14 Aug 18878 May 1969
Potter, Mary w/o Ernest C.1932Living
Potter, Minerva Belle (Marcrum) w/o Joel C. d/o Ky & Elizabeth14 Mar 189028 Oct 1973SSDI
Potter, Nora M. w/o Woodrow W. (M) 2 Sep 194419 Sep 19141 Jun 1996SSDI
Potter, Otto Clayton s/o Jodie & Minerva Bell (Marcum) h/o Verl17 Mar 191121 Dec 1998SSDI
Potter, Roscoe T. s/o Joel C. & Minerva Belle (Marcrum) 9 Feb 191514 Mar 1981SSDI
Potter, Rutha Ellen (Qualls) d/o Orville & Lura (Lamb) w/o Roscoe T. (M) 11 May 194019 Jul 192122 Dec 2005SSDI
Potter, Three dates

Potter, Waco J. s/o Joel C. & Minerva Belle (Marcrum)8 Jan 192213 Mar 1971SSDI
Potter, Woodrow W.30 Sep 19174 Aug 1989SSDI
Pruitt, William H. Civil War Union Co. B & F 4th AR Cav. no date31 Jul 1924UPF
Rainwater, Reason Civil War CSA Pvt. Co. K 30th GA Inf. s/o James & Apposley (Cunningham) h/o Jane30 May 183613 Sep 1891CPF
Ray, Lula May4 Mar 189210 Nov 1984SSDI
Reed, Albert W.18831962
Reed, Cynthia w/o Mitchel27 Mar 183823 Nov 1861
Reed, Lou w/o Mitchel14 Oct 18562 Jun 1928
Reed, Mitchel Civil War Union Corpl. Co. A 4th Ark date22 Jan 1926UPF
Reynolds, Clyde D.1 Nov 19056 Mar 1930
Reynolds, Disie L. w/o G.M.7 Sep 1885 8 Aug 1911
Rook, Clarano dates

Rook, Lizzieno dates

Rook, Williamno dates

Rowland, Ethel (Potter)10 Jun 19256 May 2000SSDI
Rowland, Glen I. WWII Ark. Pfc. US Air Force15 Jan 19226 Mar 1975SSDI
Rowland, Jimmy Lee US Army s/o Glen I. & Ethel (Potter) h/o Lu15 Apr 195216 Mar 2005SSDI
Scarbrough, Margaret C. "Maggie" (Marcrum) d/o Ky & Elizabeth Jane (Bennett) w/o H.M.26 Sep 18741 Aug 1976SSDI
Sims, William H. Jr.10 Jul 18775 Mar 1892
Smith, Caroline w/o J.J.14 Aug 188112 Sep 1949
Smith, Everett E.10 Dec 19057 Dec 1983SSDI
Smith, Jack WWII Ark. S 2 US Navy15 Mar 192018 Aug 1962
Smith, James J.2 Jul 18818 Feb 1965SSDI
Smith, Lela V. w/o Everett E.27 Mar 1911 2 Jun 1990SSDI
Stephens, Richard Calloway s/o Manuel J. & Martha Elizabeth (Marcrum)3 Jun 190014 Feb 1918
Stewart, Lloyd Cecil S/Sgt. US Air Force Korea1 Jul 192927 May 1999SSDI
Stokes, Bennie O. s/o Marvin J. & Sallie N. (Parker) h/o Sue (Whiley)16 Aug 193723 May 2004SSDI
Stokes, Franklin18731903
Stokes, Marvin J.6 May 190228 Jan 1993SSDI
Stokes, Sallie N. (Parker) w/o Marvin J.24 Nov 190627 Aug 1992SSDI
Suggs, Minnie (Hutchison)26 Feb 188020 Jul 1968SSDI
Swaim, Billy Wayne Cpl. US Army Korea Vietnam s/o William "Jess" & Eva (Cherry)1 Oct 19348 Dec 1991SSDI
Swaim, Cora Sue w/o Glynn Ray16 Dec 1940Living
Swaim, Glynn Ray SPH US Army Korea3 Jun 193020 Nov 1999SSDI
Swaim, Greg O.18 Jan 19748 Jun 1991SSDI
Swaim, Gurn Benjamin s/o Otis Polk & Jodia (Rainwater) 22 Apr 190323 Apr 1997SSDI
Swaim, Guy G.11 Jan 191212 Aug 1981SSDI
Swaim, Jessie Kathleen w/o Billy Wayne14 May 1953Living
Swaim, Jewel V. (Smith) w/o Guy G.20 Aug 191429 Nov 1995SSDI
Swaim, Jim Bill "Shorty" s/o Guy G. & Jewell V. (Smith) 29 Dec 19345 Jun 2000SSDI
Swaim, Jodie (Rainwater) w/o Otis Polk18731959
Swaim, Joe H.5 Oct 193214 Oct 1980SSDI
Swaim, Larry D. s/o Guy G.20 Sep 194223 Feb 1949
Swaim, Otis Polk18701955
Swaim, Reba Y.9 Sep 190226 Oct 1987SSDI
Swain, Beda gd/o J.J. Smith28 Oct 1909 28 Nov 1930
Swain, Ras Dar gs/o J.J. Smith4 Nov 19264 Feb 1937
Whitner, Bonnie Lou12 Feb 194423 Mar 1989
Worley, Louvisa E. w/o O.C.12 Apr 1867 8 Jun 1907

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