Indenture of Elijah P. Hall

Information contributed by Linda (Hall) Brown.

Transcribed from Deed Book #B, Crawford Co., AR, page 128 (found at Crawford County Courthouse, June 20, 2001 by Linda (Hall) Brown)

Whereas Elijah P. HALL is justly indebted to David E. WILLIAMS in the sum of nine hundred and forty one 88/100 dollars evidenced by his promissory note of that amount dated 10th day February 1877 and made payable on or before 10 February next after date with interest from date, until paid at the rate of ten per centisme per annum with a promise that if said the said interest is not paid punctually on the 10th day of February 1878, the sum of interest so remaining unpaid is to be added to the principal of said note and has interest at the same rate of ten per cent per annum, and in like manner at each succeeding 10th day of February thereafter until the whole debt be paid and with a further proviso that if the holder of said note, after the maturity thereof deems it necessary to collect said debt, or any remaining part thereof by law, then the drawer thereof shall pay the reasonable attorneys fees and costs incurred by the holder, and whereas said HALL is desirous of securing payment of said note and the interest which may become due thereon, acceding to the term thereof, he and this wife join in the execution of the following deed of mortgage to wit: Know all men that we Elijah P HALL and Elizabeth HALL (his wife) of the County of Crawford, State of Arkansas for the consideration above named and for the further consideration of one dollar to us in hand paid, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, do sell, and by these presents, grant bargain and sell unto David C WILLIAMS of same county the following Real Estate, lying in the county of Crawford state of Arkansas to wit: The North half of the north west quarter, and the north half of the north east quarter of section twenty six (26) in Township nine (9) north of range (30) thirty west, to have and to hold the same, together with all privileges and appurtenances thereto belonging unto the said WILLIAMS his heir and assignees forever, free from the claims of Elizabeth HALL for dower or possibility of dower and from the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever Provided however that if the said Elijah P HALL or any person for him shall well and truly pay the debt herein before described, with all the interest thereon in the manner stated then this instrument to be void and null but in default of said payment or any part thereof, it shall be lawful for said WILLIAMS his heirs, assignees or legal representatives to proceed, at any time after the maturity of this note to foreclose this mortgage by due process of law and to enforce the collections of said debt & the interest and all costs including attorney fees as provided in said note. In witness whereof we have hereunto set out hands and seals this 20th day of February A.D. 1877.

Witness, Dick B________
Albert Shibley

Elizabeth (her X mark) Hall {seal}
E P Hall {seal}

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