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Information contributed by From the Croydon, NH history, published in 1866 for their Centennial Celebration.

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Lieutenant Edward HALL came to town during the Revolution, bringing with him seven sons: Ezekiel, Abijah, James, Edward, John, Darius and Ezra -- and settled in the flat, south of the farm of J. Nutting. From this family and Rev. Samuel Read Hall have descended the Halls. The family were shrewd, and fond of amusements.

ABIJAH HALL, remembered for his capital jokes and unfathomed resource of fun and anecdote, was drowned near the Glidden Bridge.

CAPT AMASA HALL, son of Abijah Hall, was born Feb 7 1789; married Rebecca L. MELENDY in 1811. He was an active business man and one of our most successful farmers. He was distinguished for energy and decision of character...a clear head and ready judgment. He belonged to that portion of Croydon which was subsequently set off to Grantham. He was Captain in the War of 1812; was Selectman of Grantham for eight years; Representative from Croydon in 1824 and 1825, and from Grantham in 1832, 34, 35 and 36. Road commissioner in 1841, and a Director in Sugar River Bank from its first organization until 1861. He was an influential member of the Congregational Church. In 1858 he retired from active business.

ADOLPHUS HALL, Only son of Amasa Hall, was born December 7, 1811; married Sally LEAVITT, daughter of Dudley, and sister of Dr. Nathaniel Leavitt. Like his father he was a successful business man. He was bred a farmer, but since 1861 has been engaged in mercantile business. He was Selectman of Grantham in 1859 and 1862, representative in 1860 and 1861, and County Treasurer in 1865 and 1866.

DANIEL R. HALL, son of Abijah Hall, and grandson of Lt. Edward Hall, was born July 3, 1802. He took much interest in the militia; was an efficient officer in the "Croydon Rifle Company", was Col of the 31st Regiment, and Brigade Inspector under Gen. Nathan Emery. He was Town Clerk ten years, Selectman in 1855, and Representative in 1862 and 1863. He is a Director in the First National Bank at Newport. As a Justice he has for many years done most of the business in his section of the town. He married Martha, daughter of James PERKINS.

HORACE P. HALL, son of Col. Daniel R. Hall, was born August 5, 1827. He fitted for college at Marlow and Kimball Union Academies. After spending two years at Middletown College, CT, and another at Amherst College, Mass, he abandoned his studies on account of ill health, and went West. He was for two years Principal of Marshall Academy, IL, for seven a Prof. of Latin in Union College at Merom, Indiana, and is now Principal of the Academy at Pendleton, Indiana. He was for a time connected with the army. In 1863, the Asbury University conferred on him the honorary degree of Master of Arts.

JAMES HALL, son of James and Huldah COOPER Hall, was for many years an enterprising farmer and merchant in Croydon, but removed to Newport, where he now resides, and where he has been elected to many offices, and has exerted a wide influence.

JOHN HALL, son of James Hall, Esq., and grandson of James Hall, Sr., was born in October 1813; studied medicine with his uncle Albina Hall, graduated at Brunswick, ME, and commenced the practice of his profession at Newark, Ohio, where he died. His two daughters, Julia and Mary, are both well-educated and Accomplished teachers.

ALBINA HALL and LYMAN HALL, sons of James Hall, after spending most of the minority in town, turned their attention to medicine. The former married Livia POWERS, and after practicing awhile in Maine and New York, has returned to Croydon. The latter followed his profession at Cornish Flat until his death, which occurred by a few years since.

AHIRA HALL, son of James Hall, removed to Chautauqua county, western New York, where he was an active Justice. His son JOHN, a wealthy lawyer, has been a member of the Assembly of the State. JAMES, a physician, was surgeon in the army, and diedin the service. ALBINA, a clergyman, is settled at Girard, PA.

CAPTAIN EDWARD HALL, son of Lieut. Edward Hall, opened the first store of note in town. It was situated on the top of the swell of land between East Village and Four Corners. He is remembered as a shrewd, prosperous trader. He died March 14, 1817, aged 57 years.

CALVIN HALL, son of Captain Edward Hall, is a popular man and extensive farmer, after enjoying many honors in his native town, removed to Lowell, Mass., where he now resides.

GEORGE HALL, son of Edward Hall, Jr., was on board the Cumberland during its fight with the Merrimac, and swam to the boat when it went down. The British and French ships were by, as witnesses of the conflict. The Captain saw what the result must be, and inquired of his men, "Shall we strike colors and save life, or fight on?" The gallant crew replied, "We can be shot, or sunk in the ocean, but surrender...never."

PLINY HALL son of Martin, and grandson of Captain Edward Hall, was born Sept. 21, 1817. At the age of seven, on the death of his father, he went to live with his uncle Calvin Hall, and labored on the farm until he was 21. In 1843 he entered the store of Ruel Durkee, Esq., where he was principal clerk for nine years, and was chief clerk to his successor for three years. He then returned to farming, which occupation he has since followed. He was appointed US Assistant Census Marshal in 1850' was elected Representative in 1851 and 1852, and County Treasurer in 1855 and 1856. He was appointed one of the committee on the Apportionment of the Public Taxes, in June, 1852, and US Enrolling Officer in 1864.

CAPTAIN ABIEL HALL, son of Darius Hall, married Asenath, daughter of Captain John HUMPHRY, and after operating awhile in town removed to Williamstown, Vermont, where he now resides and is carrying on extensive farming business.

CAPTAIN WORTHEN HALL (a picture of Worthen Hall and a facsimile of his signature accompanies this sketch), son of Darius, and grandson of Lt. Edward Hall, was born July 11, 1802. He had few early advantages; until he was twenty-five years of age he struggled against all the embarrassments which a deficient education, poor health, poverty and ill-luck, could throw in his pathway. In 1827 he went to sea in a whaling vessel, before the mast, as a common sailor. He was adapted to the business and was regularly promoted at the end of each successive voyage, until the fall of 1837, when he became Master of the ship, which position he held for 18 years, until he left the sea. He has circumnavigated the earth twice, doubled Cape Horn six times, and the Cape of Good Hope as many more; has killed five hundred whales, and brought home more than 22,000 barrels of oil.

August 1, 1837, he was married to Polly D. LOVEWELL, who was with him some ten years at sea, two of which she spent at the Sandwich Islands. He was elected a director of the Sugar River Bank, and is now a director in the First National Bank at Newport, and was chosen Representative from his native town in 1866. He was generous to his connections, and retired with a fortune. His present affluence and luxury presents a pleasing contrast with his early poverty, and affords to the young another example illustrating the truth that early indigence and embarrassments are no insurmountable barrier to success in after-life.

DOCTOR SILAS HALL, son of Ezra Hall, was born in Dec 1792. In 1808, moved with his father to Cayuga co. NY. In 1815, commenced the study of medicine with Consider King, an excellent physician, and received his diploma in 1818. After ten years of practice at Sempronius, the county seat, he removed to Monrovia, where he has since resided.

SAMUEL READ HALL, son of the Rev. Samuel R. Hall, was born 27 Oct 1795. He was educated at home, and at the Academies of Bridgeton, Maine, and at Plainfield, NH. He studied theology, was licensed to preach in 1822, and was ordained over the church at Concord VT in 1823. In 1830 he was appointed principal of the English Dept in Phillips Academy at Andover, Mass. In 1837 took charge of the Holmes Plymouth Academy at Plymouth, NH, and in 1840 was installed pastor of the Congregational Church at Craftsbury, Vt. He has been an extensive author, having published some fifteen or twenty volumes on various subjects. In 1838 the degree of MA was conferred on him by Dartmouth College.

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