Oak Hill Station, Kentucky

Contributed by Harry Keith Wilson.

Oak Hill Station Ky Nov 23, 1861

Sarah, I again have an oportunity of writing you a few lines by Augustus Mayess who will return home in a few dys. The first news I will write you will be about John. He has bin in a fight. Fifty of our men encountered the enamy at Brownsville sixteen miles from here. There was as well as we could asertain some two hundred of them. General Hindmen was present himself. The boys fought like Southern Soldiers allways do kicking up there heels and shouting to the Streeked heads to come out from behind the timber and give them a fair showing. They was particular not to do it. The fight lasted about an hour and a half. One of our boys was wounded severly but not dangerously. The ball poped through his left arm and brest making only a flesh wound stricking his right hand shatering the bone. he was the only man hurt on our side. the enamy lost eight men killed that we know of. we think they lost a good many more. we had our piece of cannon which was fired some fifty times teosing the timber around them like smoke. they were on one side of the river and were on the other. they had they advantage of the trees and sage. we was on open ground. some twelve or fifteen of them had collected together when the cannon threw a shell amongst them. you never saw sutch jumping runing and kicking in you life. it must have killed half of them but the distance was to great and the grass high. we could not tell what the shot done. a good many was seen to fall but it is difacult to tell the prime number killed. I would not be surprised if it reached twenty. Dugan was the name of our man that was wounded. he was from Critenden County, Ark. there was an alram in camp last night. Capt Ragland came around to my tent and asked me if I would go on a scout with him. While I was fixing to start there was a general alarm. such saddling and mounting you never saw. the boys had these old hack knives hung for use quick but no enamy mad there apperance. we started about ten o clock to hunt for them. our party was divided. Capt Ragland has not come in yet with his party. he will be in some time to day. John captured some yankey notions from the enamy. he sends some home as a traping of victory. Major Phfin had bin out several days. Asa is with him. he has some fifty scouts along. these are stiring times here but I don't think there will be any regular engagement for some time yet. John is sitting by my side now in fine health and spirits. he says he should like to see you all very well but he enjoys himself very well. he send the girls generaly his love and respects and thinks he will trot through life in double harnes with some of them yet. John syas he nvere saw sutch runing since he was born as the yankeys done when the shell from the canon comunced falling amongst them. one old long fellow in particular run as high as a blind stud horse but Greenwood of Capt Hinds fith Company knocked his traless up for him. when they wouuld rise out of the grass the boys would turn loose on them. when one was hit he would sorter hunch himself. before he could straighten some of the boys would give it to him again. I must come to a close. my health is good except my knee. it is swoolen considerably but not very painful. I think I shall be at home by the first of January. I have the promise of a furlough. I want to see you and the childern very bad. you write you think we will never see each other again but I have no such thoughts. you must keep up your spirits. never despond.

Yours Afectionately, L J Morgan

John and I have sent our ambrotipes by Uncle Jack

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