Oak Hill Station, Kentucky

Contributed by Harry Keith Wilson.

Here is another letter from A.H. Morgan. He was the son of Stokely Morgan of Georgia and became the ward of Abel Pennington Wilson when Stokely died. He was a brother to L.J. Morgan.

Holly Spring Miss

April 18th 1862 My Dear Sister

After a long & severe spell of sicknes I embrace another apertunity of writing but it seems uncessary as I cant get a letter from none of you. I have written to the Col, yourself, Mary, Sallei, & William but it appears I cant get a line from none of you but I will try it from here as the mayls may not be unorganized as they are at head quarters. The Rail Roads have been a long time busey in transporting troops and consequently the mails have been uncertain but I hope you will get this and condecend to answer it as I am ankious to hear how you are all getting a long in Drew (torn place)

I have been quite sick. I first had pnuemonia and then the yellaw jawntens which got me down pretty low but thanks to a Mr Mene I got a private house where I am now staying and have been improving ever since. I have been fine and should have been well but when I heard of the fighting I took the first train and went up to Corinth and was out on the battle field one day which gave me a back set but I am getting well now as fast as I can. I think I will be able to start to camp in a few days. I never have seen as clever people in my life as those I am staying with. Mrs Mene treats me as though I was her son and there is two as nice young ladies as any. they come up to my room and stay half day at a time.

That was an awful battle the bloodyest that has been fought in this war but the worst one is to come off yet and that in a short time. the yankys are making great preperatioons and so are we. our Generalsare preparing to meet them know matter how many comes and I am vain eneaugh to think we can walk the ol log but we will have a bloody time of it but the Southern troops are in fine spirits even to the wonded one ankious to get well before the next fight comes off which will be worse than the first but lit it come. we have been hunting it a long enough. I began to think we never would get a fight but when it did come Wolf it satisfied all the boys for once but they are ready again. As to myself I like (torn place) but it gets two warm some times.

A.H. Morgan

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