Telephone Directory, Wilmar, Arkansas, Summer 1939 (including Possum Valley)

Wilmar Telephone Exchange

Anderson, W.S.17
Bird, M.E.29
Bolick, Tom49F3
Bailey, Rev.19F2-1
Canter, J.W.8
Daniels, James30
Doss, Elvin19F1-2-1
Dunlap, B.Z.19F1-1
Dunlap, Cecil19F1-1-1
Funderburg, J.E.19F1-1-1
Gaddy, E.W.19F3-1
Grafton, A.P.68F3
Harris, E.15
Hillyard, Dan25
Haney, G.W.19F2
Kemp, Levon56
Lemons, J.C.32F2
Massey, Walter19F2-2
Miss. River Fuel Corp.32F3
McClintock, Mrs. R.A.34
McKinstry, B.W.49F2
McKinstry, Louin68F2
McKinstry, R.A.39
McKinstry Service Station38
M.O.P. Station13
McKinstry, R.W.19F2-1
Oslin Mercantile Co.31
Ozark Badger Lumber Co.59
Pace, W.L.19F1-2-1
Robinson, Dr.64
Sewell, J.R. Rev.66
Standard Service Station16
Thomasson, B.S.5F5
Towler, G.F.54
Tooley, Joe9
White, Mrs.P.M. store2
Wiscaver, Sam5F2

Business Phones

  Wilmar Banking Co.28
Feed Store
  Oslin Mercantile Co.31
  Miss. River Fuel Corp.32F3
General Merchandise
  Mrs. P.M. White2
  E. Harris Lumber Co.15
  Ozark Badger Lumber Co.59
Service Stations
  McKinstry Service Station38
  Standard Service Station16
Wilmar Exchange Co.28

Possum Valley Subscribers, Rt.1, Wilmar, Ark., Lee Rogers, Operator

[Note: S = Short, L = Long - the phone could be reached by "ringing" the phone the number of Shorts or Longs listed. This method was used when phones didn't have dials but rather had cranks on the side of the phone. Example: to reach Will Carey, a person would turn the crank 1 short, 1 long, then 1 short, and Mr. Carey would know the call was for him.]

Line 1
Carey, WillSLS
Glennon, John2LS
Glennon, BobSL
Knowles, Albert3LS
Rogers, R.C.LSLS
Rhodes, Leroy2L
Scroggins, C.W.L2S
White, WalterL2SL
Line 3 [No line 2 listed]
Bailey, Jim2L
Baker, Ervin4L
Gifford, EdLSL
Horn, Wade3S
Horn, WalterSLS
McCann, Carroll3L
McLean, WesleyS2LS
O'Neal, CarlL2S
O'Neal, Dave2LS
Rogers, BeltonL3S
White, Arthur2L2S
Line 5 [No line 4 listed]
Ellis, J.E.L3S
McDaniel, MadisonLS
Rogers, LoydLSLS
Veasey, Will2LS
Wilson, NealSLS
Wilson, DanL2S
Wilson, Bob3L
Wilson, Daphnie2L
Line 6
Barber, EdS2L
Cox, WilliamL3S
Ellis, Wesley2LS
Eubank, Ed2L3S
Eubank, VestaLS
Grubb, ThomasL2SL
Jolly, Arthur2SL
Knowles, R.H.2L
Knowles, Jesse3S
Knowles, MattSLS
Knowles, F.C.LSL
Landsdale, Geo.L4S
Richardson, BusterL2S
Smith, C.R.2L
Line 7
Baker, ElzieLS
Brown, EdLSL
Brown, JohnL2S
Cox, TomSL
Grubb, Nat2SL
Green, CrawfordL3S
Glennon, Jim2L
Higgason, Newt3L
Lovelace, Arthur3LS
White, PressS2L
White, MonroeSLS

Advertisements in the directory:

Frazer's Funeral Home, Warren, Arkansas "A Complete Service," Phone 503

The Bradley Store, Warren, Arkansas, "You Can Always Get What You Want at the Right Price Here," Grocer Phone 483, Dry Goods 481

Monticello Hardware & Furniture Co., Monticello, Arkansas, "Hardware and Furniture, Avery and McCormick-Deering Implements, Building Materials - Sherwin-Williams Paints," Phone 151

City Dry Cleaners, Monticello, Arkansas, "For Prompt Expert Service Call Either of our Plants," Phone 50; No-D-Lay Cleaners, Warren, Arkansas, Phone 363

Vivan's Beauty Shop, Monticello, Arkansas, Vivan Rosenplanter, Phone 571

Warren Cotton Oil & Manufacturing Co., Warren, Arkansas, "Cottonseed Products, 'Sunlite' Fertilizers, Artificial Ice," Local Phone 207, L.D.Phone 1

Blankinship Motor Co., Warren, Arkansas, "Ford Sales/Service, General Auto Repairing, Complete Body Service, Top, Fender, Painting Service, Ford Batteries, Auto Accessories," Phone 60

Peoples Lumber Co., Monticello, Arkansas, "If you fail to consider quality, you buy disappointment," Phone 207

Hurley Hardware & Furniture Co., Warren, Arkansas, "Household Goods, Farm Equipment, and Building Material - If you fail to trade with us, we both lose money."

Lawrence H.Derby Insurance, Warren, Arkansas, "For Insurance, Call, Write - Any Kind," Phone 516

Enterprise Bakery, "Ask Your Grocer for Enterprise Bread."

Monticello Recreation Parlor, "Games, Sports, Drinks, Tobaccos, Meet Your Friends Here."

Monticello Drug, Monticello, Arkansas, "For Your Prescriptions, Complete Line of Drugs & Hog Serums," Phone 300

Commercial Loan & Trust Co., Monticello, Arkansas, "Capital Stock - $60,000, Surplus and Profits, $70,000."

Rutherford's Esso Service, Monticello, Arkansas, "Standard Oil Products, Atlas Tires, Batteries, Road Service," Phone 177

Riviere Florist Shop, Monticello, Arkansas, "When You Want to Say it With Flowers - Flowers for All Occasions," Phone 12

Monticello Produce Co., Monticello, Arkansas, "Staple Groceries, We Buy Country Produce - Jordan & Binns," Phone 41

W.R. Appleton Drug Store, 202 S. Main, Warren, Arkansas, "Let us Fill Your Next Prescription - The Rexall Store," Phone 89

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