The Diary of Ida (Manees) McCloy

This diary was written in 1877 by Ida Manees. It contains references to her family and her life as a schoolteacher. It also has a list of her male and female acquaintances in 1877. I have not changed the spelling of names, even when I know they are incorrect. The wording in the diary is just as Ida wrote it; no changes have been made, except when necessary for clarification. Ida Manees (2/9/1857 - 9/30/1931) was the daughter of James W. Manees (12/27/1825 - 3/1/1898) and Julia Ann Taylor Shore (3/7/1833 - 2/20/1882). She married W.S. McCloy (1853 - 1926). All are buried at the Manees Family Cemetery.

Surnames found in this Diary

Aikin, Allen, Anderson, Bailey, Baker, Barker, Barron, Bell, Belser, Besselieu(?), Bishop, Bledso, Bolling, Bond, Bordeaux, Boyd, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brook(s), Buelher, Burget, Burk(s), Callahan, Canada, Carpenter, Carr, Carter, Chaffin, Chestnut, Clayton, Cole, Cook, Cornish, Craig, Crute, Culpepper, Davis, Dixon, Dougan, Duvall, Edwards, Elaxander, Evans, Files, Fisher, Ford, Forest, Fryar, Gabbert, Gabby, Garison, Gibson, Giles, Gill, Gober, Graves, Hall, Hammet, Hancock, Hankins, Hanly, Hardy, Harper, Harris, Hart, Hattock, Haynes, Hearn, Hemingway, Henderson, Henry, Howell, Hudson(?), Hudspeth, Huffman, Hunt, Hurley, Hussey, Hyatt, Irwin/Erwin, Jewell, Jones, Jordan, Josie, Karr, Killian, King, Kulbeth, Lamb, Lambert, Lane, Laningham, Maloney, Manees, Marks, Massey, Matthews, McCain, McCalaster, McCloy, McCullock, McFalls, McGehee, McQuistion, Miller, Montague(?), Montgomery, Moore, Morgan, Morris, Myer, Nash, Neal, Neeley, Nolly, Owens, Patrick, Patten, Penix, Pickens, Potts, Preddy, Preston, Procise(?), Ragland, Ramsey, Raymond, Remley, Rhodes, Rice, Ridgal, Rieves/Rives, Rogers, Royal, Rumph, Rutledge, Seabrook, Shelton, Shore, Shorter, Slemons, Spencer, Stanley, Steadman, Strong, Taylor, Thomas, Thomasson, Thompson, Tiffin, Tillar, Tillman, Trotter, Walls, Watson, Wells, Whitaker, Williamson, Wilson, Wood, Word, Wright

May 7th 1877

I am contented at last. I feel like a new person entirely. Have been enjoying myself more than I ever have. I attended the May celebration also a party at Mr. Bob Hyatt's. I never enjoyed myself better in my life than I did that night. Tonight is the time for the literary society to meet. I cannot attend.

June 7th

My dear old journal I have neglected you for a month, but I had not forgotten you. I have been enjoying myself so very much lately that I did not take time to write. I have attended the literary society three times. Had a fine time last Tuesday night at Mr. Shelton's. Mr. Rube Massey delivered a splendid address on history. He had some relics of the old Ship Lawrence commanded by Commodore Perry. It has been under the water of Lake Erie for 60 years. It was taken out last year and sent to the centennial. He showed us an iron pin, a goblet, and an ounce ball made of some part of the ship. The pin fastened some part of the ship together. Also saw a pair of sleeve buttons made of a piece of the hull of the ship. He had a copy of the oldest and first newspaper published in North America, dated April 17th 1704, Philadelphia, Pa. I attended last Tuesday night at Mr. Bob Hyatt's. We had a splendid society; had reading by the girls and young men, essays by Ed Cole and Dr. Allen. I left early that night, hated to do so for I was having a nice tete tete with the Dr. I was very tired when I got back to Aunt Sarah's. I came home Wednesday evening.

June 11th

We have had such good rains, vegetation looks beautiful today. It was so dry that everything looked withered. How thankful we ought to be to God for such a blessing. I went to church today had a splendid sermon, what other sort do we have when Mr. John Carr officiates. It always does me good to hear him. When I got home from preaching I found Willie Manees and Mr. Gill here. I don't fancy him much. I do fancy someone else though. I did not speak to John Thomasson today; he was with Levia Miller. I saw Dr. but did not speak to him.

June 17th

I did not attend the society Tuesday night. Stayed at home untill Saturday and then Jim went down with me to see Lizzie and Aunt Minnie. There is to be a celebration on the 29th at Andrew's Chapel.

July 1st

I went to the celebration on the 29th. We went in the wagon. Tom [?] Wells and Louise [?] went with us. I enjoyed myself so very much in fact everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We had speeches by several boys and scriptural dialogue by the Sabbath school scholars. Also a speech by Mr. John Carr. I had a nice time with Mr. Callahan, Dr. Miller, Mr. Royal, Bish Hall, and last of all Johnnie. He carried me buggy riding Levia Miller and Wiley Royal also. We rode about five miles. When we got back it was time to go home. It was nearly dark when we arrived home. I went to the Baptist church today had a splendid sermon by Mr. Callahan. The text was in the 10th chapter and 23 verse of Hebrews. Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering. Pa is not at home today went down to Uncle Ziph's to see about the school which I am trying to get. I don't know how it will be decided yet.

July 7th

Well we all went to preaching at Mr. Stanley's today. Dr. Karr officiated. We got back home at 5 o'clock. Then Jim came with me down to Uncle Ziph's to teach school.

July 8th

I am very well contented with my little school. I have but few scholars today, its being the first day. I don't expect they all know that school commenced today. I am very well pleased with the scholars, I like teaching very much although it is something new to me. I am boarding at Uncle Ziph's have two miles to walk. I do not get very tired. I am teaching in a little school house that sits on a hill. The bushes are very thick around it, but there has not been any school here since '74. I want to have the bushes cut down around the house. I do not have time to get lonesome, am busy all the time. I have not got many scholars, but they keep me busy.

July 12th

I have been teaching a week. I am very well pleased with my school. It don't seem to me that I have been down here a week. I had one new scholar Wednesday. I will go home this evening. I want to see them all very much. Jim has come for me. I was so glad to see him. And old Pomp, I am as glad to see him as if he was folks. I will come back Sunday evening or I may come Sunday morning and go to church down at Pine church. I may stay and go to church in town. I must go home it is getting late. I do want to see Elmer and Bolling so much. Jim says Elmer fell from Pomp's back just before he left.

July 14th

I found all well except Elmer. He was very stupid. When I got home he was better Saturday morning and as gay as a lark Sunday. I did not go to church Sunday. Came down here for the evening. Jim brought me down and staid all night. Aunt Minnie was sick all night and is no better this morning. I have a nice time down here teaching. I would do finely if the seed ticks were not so very bad. They get all over our clothes. I reckon they will not be so thick when they cut out the road. The farmers have been so very busy that they have not had time to fix the road. I will be so very glad when it is done.

July 17th

I have eleven scholars today, am getting along with them finely. We are needing rain very much now. I thought that we were going to have a good one yesterday we only had a light shower. But I was thankful for that. It seems very romantic to be out here in the woods; when it clouds up like it is going to rain I feel a little uneasy. The house is not on a very firm foundation. The blocks are rotting. I have not been to church since I commenced teaching. I will try to go next Sunday if I get home Friday evening. I am looking for company some Friday soon. The Misses Thomasson. I hope they will come when I am at home. John will have to bring them.

Friday, July 19th

Two weeks today since I left home. I cannot tell whether Pa will send for me or not. I suppose he will. I have been thinking of staying down this Saturday and dry apples. I have a few that I dried every evening after school. We are going to have conference in Monticello this fall and will need all such things. I have been getting on finely this week. I have 12 scholars. That does very well, I think. How I do wish I could see ______ and tell him how well pleased I am. I don't know when I will see him, not soon I reckon. Well one page is enough at present, so goodbye till Monday.

Saturday 20th

I staid last night and dried apples today. Minnie went home with Jim. I do want to see Little Buddie so very much. I also want to see someone else's Bud too. Bless his sweet pretty self. I forgot: we finished the apples. Lizzie and Aunt Minnie helped me to cut and peel them. I am so very proud of them, it may be that someone's Bud will eat some of them. I wanted to go to church tomorrow but will not go. I must be sure to go on the 2nd Sunday in next month. Then I will see _______, also Dr. _______, but I don't care for him. I want to see all my old friends. I generally meet my most intimate friends there.

Sunday 21st

I have been quite sick all day; feel better late this evening. I thought this morning I was going to be very sick. Did not know what I would do with my little school.

Monday 22nd

I went to school this morning was very sick until late this evening although I did not have to stop teaching. I got a long letter from Ma yesterday evening. It did me a great deal of good. We have not had a good rain for several weeks, are needing it very much. God knows what we need. I will not murmur if it is God's will. I will be contented. Elmer and Will left this morning. Adieu!

Wednesday 24th

I have just arrived from school. It is drizzling rain and has been all day pretty much. Oh! how thankful I am for this little shower. I did not have many scholars, several are sick, besides two are staying at home this week for what reason I cannot tell. I am getting on finely . Don't get tired out as everyone said I would; but I have not been teaching long enough yet. I hope that I will not get tired at all. If I could see ______ or ______ I would feel just as happy as a big sunflower that nods and bends in the breezes. And would that I could say "my heart's as light as the wind that blows the leaves off of the trees." But alas! I cannot.

Friday 26th

Oh! how very very thankful I am. We have been blessed with a splendid rain this evening. As I write I can hear the drops of rain falling from the trees. It was very sudden. I saw a dark cloud rising in the northwest about two p.m. I hurried with the lessons and dismissed school. It commenced raining before we had got half way. We were very wet when we arrived at Mrs. Watson's. I found Willie and Elmer waiting for the rain to hold up so that they could come after me. I am terribly disappointed. It did not stop raining long enough for me to go. Nevertheless, it is for the best. I will start soon in the morning if not raining.

Monday 29th

I started home soon Saturday morning. Got as far as town and heard that Minnie Whitaker had got down from Pine Bluff and was at Aunt Sarah's. I went by to see her, was so very glad to see she and cousin John and little Paul Allen. Bless his little heart, he is so sweet. Minnie promised me that she would come out the next day. I went on home and found Ann, Bolling, and Jim all sick. Minnie and cousin John also Lonnie came out Sunday morning. Will and George came over from Mr. Word's and staid all day. Then Jim and Ellis Wells came about 12 o'clock. We had some very nice watermelons, the first that I have had this year. I did not come down until yesterday. George staid all night and came with me, and will come to carry the horse back. I got here about half past 7. I did not have many scholars today, am getting on finely. I forgot to say I had my fortune told Saturday. It was very nice, told me some things that I never knew that anyone but myself knew of; the old woman says she will be at our house next Saturday and finish telling my fortune. I don't believe in such things but she told me a few things that surprised me. She told me something that would happen. I don't know how to believe that, I can wait and see.

Tuesday 31st

I have a new scholar this morning. That makes twelve. They are not all here this morning, some are sick. The road is cut out at last, we don't have to come through the woods as we did last week. I have not got tired teaching and hope I never will.

Wednesday 1st _______
Monday 6th

I went home Friday evening, found Bolling sick. He was so very fretful. We had company Saturday. I went to church yesterday. Staid at Aunt O's all day, went to the Baptist Church. We had a fine sermon by Mr. Callahan. The text was found in the 11th chapter of Hebrews 5th verse "for before his translation he had this testimony, that he please God." There was large congregation, there not being services at any other church. Mr. Callahan will be out today. I am sorry that he is coming today. I would rather he would come on Saturday. There will not be anyone but Ma and the children. Pa will be plowing and Jim is clerking for Mr. Matthews. I called by yesterday to see Minnie. She is going to leave Wednesday. Dr. Allen was there. He is such a nice man. Mr. Andrew Allen was there also. I think a great deal of him. He is very lively. I wanted to go to ... last night but had to go home so I could come down here this morning. I did not see Mr. _____. He passed by Saturday, also Sunday but I did not see him. I had some fine watermelons at Uncle Sam's Sunday.

Wednesday 8th

We had a splendid rain yesterday. I am so thankful for it. Minnie leaves today for home. I do wish that she lived down here. I wrote a letter yesterday to Cousin Fannie Thompson. I am writing one to Cousin Jimmie Carter and Cousin Rosa. I write at play time and recess. But the children keep so much that I cannot write much. It is "Miss Ida make somebody quit it" all the time. I hate to see recess and intermission come sometimes. I saw Dr. Allen this morning. He had been down below to see someone. I will attend church next Sunday if I can. There will be services at Mr. Stanley's, it being the 2nd Sunday. I am so glad. I do love to go there to preaching. I see all my particular friends. And _______ especially.

Thursday 9th

I have been getting on finely lately. I have not had to whip any of my scholars yet. I won't say that I am not going to do it, for I expect I will have to do it. Aunt Minnie and Uncle Z have gone to see ... tonight. I will go home tomorrow. I do hope that Pa will send for me. I am low spirited tonight. I reckon it is because some of the home folks are away. I do want to go to church at Mr. Stanley's so very much. I don't expect that Mr. ____ will be there as there is preaching down there next Sunday. I must not think of him so much. He might be most ... to, But I don't care.

Monday 13th

I went home Friday evening, had company Saturday and made some nice cider that evening. How I do love cider. We all went to preaching at Mr. Stanley's yesterday. Had a splendid sermon by Mr. John Carr. We did not have a large congregation as the Piney Woods folks were at the Baptist Church at Woodlawn. I did not care. I have not got a particular friend now. I had a faithful friend once and I cast his love and friendship aside. I do not know why I did it for I always did like him. I fear I have lost him now but value him very highly yet, though I know that I am forgotten ere this. God knows best. I will not murmur at his will. But would that I had not cast his love aside. I am doomed to disappointments. I feel that I was born for such. But forgive me my father for murmuring at thy will. Thou knowest best. Make me to believe that all things work for the best. I know I am wicked but I will strive to be better from this out. I will be resigned to thy will. I am in a great deal of trouble at present. I will not confide it to you my dear journal. Would that I could. I would pour forth my feelings on the pages of this my dear and faithful book for I know that you are a good confidant. I will not have any other than you. If I could keep you hid where no one else could see you, how much I could tell. I know that I am the most miserable creature in existence but I do not like to put such words in my dear old. When I commenced this book, I resolved not to put anything but the liveliest of my actions and thoughts in it. How I do wish that I was happy, and contented. I do not know why it is but I am getting low spirited again. Nevertheless, I will strive to overcome my troubles and disappointments. I know these are the gloomiest pages of my little journal. But I am expressing my sentiments. I hope I will feel better in the morning. I will retire.

Thursday 16th

I feel so very badly tonight. Have such a terrible cold and the worst headache imaginable. I stopped at Mrs. Watson's, she gave me such a nice bait of peaches. Oh! me, I can't write much I feel so very strangely. I am going home tomorrow. Am so very glad I do not like to be from home when I am sick. We will have company next Saturday. Miss S. K... and Mittie R. I promised to go to church in Pine Woods Sunday but I don't know whether I will go or not. I shall have to go to church in town to hear Mr. Carr or Callahan. By the way Mr. Callahan and Mrs. Clayton spent the day at our house last Sunday. I will close.

Monday 20th

We had quite a nice speech Friday evening by Uncle Ziph. He, Mr. Watson's brother Tom & Pa and Elmer were all at the schoolhouse Friday. The trustees were there to see how we were progressing. They were very well pleased. The children had speeches which were very good. My school was just half out that day. I went home, Pa and Elmer came after me. I got home before sundown. Mrs. Rice and Mittie were to see us Saturday. I went home with them that night though I was not able. My cold was terrible bad and is not entirely well yet. Mittie dosed me good that night so that I would be able to go to church at Andrew's Chapel Sunday. Sunday was a beautiful day. Mittie rode horseback and I went with Mr. Stanley in the buggy. Mr. John M. Bradley was to have officiated but owing to sickness in his family did not get there. Nevertheless, we had a nice time; took dinner at Mr. Stanley's. We saw Ella Evans from Dorsey County, did not know she was down until we saw her in the church. I was so glad to see her, she and Saul B. also took dinner at Mr. S's. Mrs. Norah Wright, Mr. Griff Stanley and wife, Mr. Maloney and .... We had a splendid dinner, had turkey. Well, I arrived home Sunday evening and came down to school this morning, left Anna sick. I will not write any more as I do not see well.

Tuesday 21st

Oh! how thankful I am we have been blessed with a splendid rain today. We were all needing it very much. How grateful we ought to be. I thought that we would get wet coming from school but did not. I am staying all night with Mrs. Watson tonight, Minnie also. Well I forgot to say that Dr. M. has been quite sick. Had the physician with him. I am so sorry he is poor enough already; now I know he looks badly. I have not seen _____ for six weeks or more. How I do wish that I could. I think that he is surely carried away with L_____ but what care I for that. I have quit such foolishness since I became a schoolmarm.

Wednesday 22nd

I stayed with Mrs. Watson last night, also Minnie; we enjoyed ourselves finely after eating a real nice supper. We had a sugar watermelon which was splendid. Mr. Watson was from home. I thought it was going to be a rainy day, but it has not rained yet but looks very much like it now. My school is over half out. I will not have but five weeks to teach after this week. I am doing very well now. My scholars are not unruly in the least if I speak to them they mind me very well. I would like to hear from home. Anna was sick when I left. I hope she is better ere this. I will go home day after tomorrow. That don't seem long. The weeks pass by tolerably fast. Mrs. Malony told me Sunday that she and Miss Pickens would come to see me Saturday. I don't know whether they will or not.

Thursday 23rd

The moon was in partial eclipse tonight. She is full and the nights are lovely. Brother Tom is here tonight. He was looking for his colt but did not find it. Says he got lost. I am getting on finely with my school. All my scholars were not here today, several were absent. Well I have not got tired of it yet. Hope I will not. I won't get another as soon as this is out. Our third annual fair comes off in about five weeks. I anticipate having a nice time. It commmences on the tenth of October. I have not anything prepared for exhibition, have not had the chance. I will go home tomorrow. My cold is nearly well but I have a cough yet.

Monday 27th

I thought that I would not get to go home. I did not dismiss school until nearly five o'clock. I was getting very low spirited and thought I would have to come back. But just as I dismissed, Willie and Elmer came up the road. Oh how glad I was. I went on home and met Aunt Sarah and Miss Jordan who had been out to see Ma. We looked for Mrs. Malony and Pickens Saturday morning but they did not come. I cut out my dress after I had given them out, and Ma and I finished it that night. I went to town also that evening. Went up to see Jim. I cleaned his room nicely for him. He is very well pleased with clerking. I weighed while at the store. I have gained five pounds since I commenced teaching. Weigh 124 now. Pa carried us all to church yesterday. Jim had come out to spend the day. He staid at home. Mr. Forest of Lake Village preached. He is a splendid man. I have fallen in love with he and his wife also. She came home for dinner and Mr. ______ came by from church, took dinner, did not leave till nearly sun down. I had a fine time coming down this morning. Lonnie [?] came as far as town with me. I have ... nice rides Friday and Mondays. Aunt M is gone to see Ella R tonight. I will have to get up soon so I will close.

Tuesday 28th

Aunt Minnie has not come yet. I would like to hear from Ella. I had another new scholar today. That makes fourteen. I think that is quite a good school for this neighborhood. Well I am looking for a letter this week; it is time to get an answer from cousin F T, and cousin Bolling Shore. I also wrote one to cousin Jim Carter and wife. Ed Shore has not answered my last. Jim got one last week from him. I do love to get letters and write them also. I could write more but Minnie is singing right by my side, Coming through the Rye, and singing about killing bugs that are flying around the candle. Adieu.

Wednesday 29th

Aunt Minnie got home today. I feel very low spirited tonight. I know it wrong to give way to my feelings but I cannot help it sometimes. I feel so very badly. I do hope that I will not get tired and discouraged before school is out. This week has passed by very rapidly. I reckon the other four weeks will seem like two months. Hope not though. I would like to see Ella but don't suppose I will get to see her before school is out. I reckon the reason that I am so low spirited today was because all my scholars were not at school. I get downhearted occasionally though. Willie was down this week staying with his Ma. He is having chills.

Thursday 30th

I will go home tomorrow. I am so glad it is time to go home. I must see about going to camp meeting. I have not been for several years. I will try to get Brother Tom or Jim to carry me. I have been wanting to go a long time. I had the chance to go last year, but I am glad that I did not go now. That shows that all things worketh for the best. Why do we still persist in doing things that we ought not to do, when God knows best. I will always try to think everything happens for the best. I must close this page as I have got to knit some, Aunt Minnie put on some for me.

Monticello Monday September 3rd 1877

I arrived home early Friday evening. I thought that it was going to rain it thundered so loud. But it did not rain. I staid at home all day Saturday. Ma went to see Ella R. She and little Maggie Olivia were getting on finely. I want to go see her when school is out. That will be four weeks. It won't seem very long. I had more scholars today than usually. De Emma and Clem were all here today. I went to church Sunday. Jim went with me. Mr. Carr preached a splendid sermon. The text was in the 27th chapter and 46th verse of Matthew. My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me. That is a very good chapter, it is so very imrpessive. There was a very full attendance Sunday. Cousin Fannie Matthews played on the organ for us Sunday. I don't know why Lou Hussey was not there. She is our organist. I came home for dinner Sunday and went over to see Mittie Rice in the evening. She was so glad to see me, said she was so lonesome. There has been a great deal of excitement for the past week in our town. Mr. John M. Bradley and Mr. S.J. Matthews were carrying on a controversy. Mr. Bradley proved to Mr. M. that there was a divine being. Mr. M. is a deist. He denied it though, said that he was a nationalist. I came by after Minnie this morning and brought her down to school. She went to town Saturday. I got met this evening coming from school. I will have to close until tomorrow. I am sleepy and it's late besides.

Tuesday 4th

It has been raining most all day. I could not go to school, have been knitting some today. It has been a very long day. The first day that I have missed since I commenced teaching. We had a splendid rain, was needing it very much. I hope that I can go to school tomorrow. The farmers are all picking cotton now I believe on thinking about it. I made a cotton sack for Will today. Pa said that he was going to commence yesterday. I don't know when Uncle Ziph will start in his, as soon as it gets dry enough I suppose. I would like to hear how Mr. J.T. is getting on. I saw him Saturday evening, did not speak to him, have not heard from ______ for several weeks. Omego

Wednesday 5th

I did not go to school today it has been raining all day except late this evening. I went up to see Lizzie this evening. She has been quite sick since Sunday. Aunt Minnie and May came up too. We tried cheer her up but did not succeed. I feel sorry for her. She has a good husband. He has so much patience with her when she is sick. She, Cousin Fannie, Minnie & Ella all got very good husbands. They all are so kind to them. Well I have finished a stocking, but I ought to have been teaching school. I will have to make up lost time. I was in hopes that I would get through in four weeks. If not raining I will go tomorrow. I wanted to have time to make a dress to wear to the fair which will be soon.

Thursday 6th

I thought that today would be a clear day, but I went to school today. It did not rain until this evening and when it did it rained very hard. I don't know how we would have got home if George had not have come by with the wagon for us. The creeks were all swimming for the first time since I commenced school. The water was running down the roads like little branches. We had a nice time coming on the wagon. I will go home tomorrow if nothing happens to prevent. I will have three weeks and two days if I do not lose any more days. I will have to wait until Saturday. I am sleepy and tired too.

Friday 7 Sept. Morning

The [sun] is shining brightly this morning, after four days of rain and gloomy weather. The wind is stirring. I don't think we will have any more today. But I cannot tell. I do hope that it won't rain this evening. I want to go home. I want to go home and go to camp meeting Sunday. I have not been lately. Everyone enjoys being there so very much that I know I would like it. I do love to go to revivals of religion. I feel like it would do me good. I am not as religious and as good as I want to be. How I do wish that I were good and gentle like some people. I feel so mean and wicked. I will have to wait till tonight to finish writing.

Monday 10th

I arrived safely at home Friday evening. Saturday I went up to see Ella. I came by town that evening, staid with Jim all evening. He had his room cleaned up very nicely. Dr. was to see me that evening but I was not at home. He left before I got home. It was nearly dark when I got home. Sabbath morning I was awakened by a roaring sound. It was a very hard rain. It cleared off before nine. I did not go to church, wanted to go but was afraid that it would rain. I did not get to go to camp meeting at Spring Hill either. Pa came with me down this morning. He has gone to Uncle Ziph's. I wanted to write more but have not the time to do it.

Wednesday 12th Sept.

I staid with Lizzie last night. Did not write any yesterday. I am getting on finely. Have but three weeks to teach and I can say that I am not, nor never have been, tired yet. I will not be sorry nor glad either when school is out. I have become accustomed to the children and to teaching. I will commence again the 15th of October if I do not get out of the notion before that time, which I will hardly do I don't think. I will not have many scholars, will teach for the benefit of ... children mostly. If I can get any more I will be glad to teach them and do all I can for them. The school house is but half a mile from home. Just a nice distance to walk. I used to go there to school when I was quite young, the first school that I ever attended.

Thursday 13th Sept.

I was from home again last night. Minnie also. We staid with Mrs. Neeley. I enjoyed myself finely. They are so clever and hospitably. They did all they could to entertain us. I will have to stay with Emma Jones one night before school is out. I will not get all around I fear. Some of the scholars live so far. Well, Cousin Fannie Matthews is going home with me tomorrow if she can. Cousin Tom has gone to New Orleans for winter and fall goods. I will have to get a hat this fall. I wish I had have sent by him for one. I told him to bring me a pretty cravat. I want to get my new dress done before the fair. I got it last Saturday. Cousin Fannie has promised to help me make it as soon as school is out. Well I will close as it is time to take up books. Sept. 13, 1877

Friday 14th September

Having just arrived at school, I will endeavor to write a little. I am so glad to see Friday come then. I get to see them all at home. I won't have but two weeks and two days more to teach. I feel as if I could teach two months longer, but I cannot get scholars enough to justify me in teaching. I do love to make money myself. I feel as if I could work all the time just to make money myself. I will have to go by for Cousin Fannie Matthews this evening. She sent me word by Jim that she wanted to come home with me this evening and stay on till Monday morning. Oh! welcome Friday, welcome. I do hope that I will see my _____ before Monday morning. If I don't I can't murmur. But how I do wish I could. After reading in testament I will try to write some more while I am waiting on the spelling class. We are going to have speeches this evening, may have company. I don't know for certain. Aunt Minnie and Uncle Ziph are speaking of coming out to see us Saturday. She has been sick nearly two weeks but not confined to her bed. I think it will help her to leave home for a day or two. She says that she must continue some way to see Dr. Miller. I tell her he is my sweetheart but I am only joking about it. I have not got a sweetheart. I think I have had my last one. I have such bad luck with them. I either get mad with them or do something that they do not like and then there is an end of it. I am too independent or that is what they tell me .... What do I want with one. I am going to continue teaching as long as I can get a school. They all tell me that I am going to be a maid because I have commenced teaching, but I don't care if I am one. It is more honorable to be an old maid than to marry a man who is not worthy of me. I am all right just as well contented as need be. I can enjoy myself now, more than I could if I was married. I have a list of the names of all my male and female acquaintances. I want to see how many of them are married in five or ten years from now if I live. I have all that I can think of now and space for my new acquaintances if I have any. I do love to write in this my old diary. I have written 3 pages already. Ida Manees

Saturday 15th Sept

It was late when I got home last night, found all well. Bettie and I went in to attend Presbytery this morning which is in session at the Associate Reformed Church. The house was crowded had a splendid sermon by Mr. William Wilson. He has lately returned from the north where he married. He is here now on a visit, has his wife with him. She is a fine looking lady. They have not been married very long. After dinner Ida Rieves and myself called on Mr. Bolling & Mrs. Bell. I went from there to the store to see Jim. He is getting on finely. I saw Dr. and someone else on the street. I intended to go to the Drug store but it commenced raining and I went back to Aunt S and then went home. Farewell till some other time.

Sunday 16th Sept.

This has been a beautiful Sabbath day. Anna and I went in to church this morning. The Baptists have let the A.R. members have the use of their church its being larger. I heard two sermons by Mr. Billie Wilson, one this morning and one after dinner or at two o'clock. They are having services tonight by Mr. Henry. The house was filled to overflowing. I must go to hear Mr. John Carr next Sunday. I would like to talk to him. I do feel so very wicked. I don't know what to do. I am depressed again, feel so low spirited, cannot account for it. How I wish I could feel free and light of heart again. Oh! dear me what will I do, I have got to go to school tomorrow. I will be glad when it is out. I am so much trouble to them about carrying me to school.

Monday 17th Sept.

I was up this morning before day. Pa came with me this morning. There has been considerable change in the weather, it has turned real cold. I thought that it would rain today, but the wind is blowing at a terrible rate and it is so much cooler. I don't think that it will rain, am in hopes it will not. Cousin Fannie did not go home with me Friday evening. She was not well. Will go next Friday if Mr. Matthews don't get back. I am in hope that he won't get back before Monday, so she can go. There was a death yesterday, Tom Chestnut, Mollie and Lum C's little boy. Oh my I am so cold. I do wish we had a stove or a fireplace one. I would have a fire this morning. I will have one in the schoolhouse at home. I will have so much work to do after school is out I won't know what to do first.

Monday Evening

I found all well this evening when I arrived. Aunt Minnie is considerably better than she was Friday morning. I have not seen Lizzie today. It seems like winter tonight, we have a fire which feels very comfortably. I have just received a letter from Cousin Fannie T. Thompson. She is a splendid correspondent. I do love to read her letters. I know I would love her very much, from her letters. I don't remember her. I was so small when she left. I read a letter Saturday from Cousin Jim Thompson, her brother. I must retire as I have to get up soon tomorrow morning and wend my way back to the schoolhouse.

Tuesday 18 Sept.

It has been very cool today, in fact fires are needed. Mr. Henry Burk is out here tonight, he and Uncle Ziph are discussing politics. I finished my stockings today and put on another pair tonight. I am so proud of them, they are the first that I ever knit by myself. Aunt Minnie showed me. I think that I can learn to be a first rate knitter. I am trying to learn to knit well so that I can make all of ______ socks when we marry if that ever happens. I don't believe that I ever will get my own consent to marry, no telling though what may come to pass in the future, in the future no.

Wends. 19th Sept.

It is still very cool, no rain yet. I am so glad that it has not rained this week. Pa wanted to get out a bail of cotton this week. Perhaps he will if it does not rain. I must hurry and go to see Lizzie. I have not been this week. I expect she is mad about it now. Elmer Garison came home with Minnie this evening. Well I have one more week to teach and two days. I expect I will stay all night with Lizzie, I don't know for certain yet. So goodbye for tonight.

Thursday 20th

What a beautiful night. The moon is full and it is so clear. The weather has turned a little warmer. I know that Pa is glad it has not rained yet. I staid last night with Lizzie, we had a nice talk about old times and what might have been. But God knows best. I am contented with my lot. It is true that I have no sweetheart to care for nor to care for me but what care I for that. I am all right as long as I can do right and feel that God is with me. I will have to go by after Cousin Fannie, she said that she would go home with me if she could do so. Omego

Saturday 22nd Sept.

I came by yesterday for Cousin Fannie. She and Lonnie came home with me. Anna came down Friday evening and went home with Minnie May. She was delighted to have her go home with her. Cousin Fannie went home this morning. She would have staid longer but she had some preserves to make today, which were obliged to be made right away. As I came by Mrs. Chestnut's I saw Lewis Seabrook. He told me that he was coming out today but he did not come. I don't know why unless he was obliged to start home this morning. He is a nice young gent. I think a great deal of him. He is living on the railroad between Chicot and Pine Bluff. I hope he did not go home. I want to see him.

Sunday 23rd Sept.

Brother Tom went with me to church this morning. I went to the Baptist Church. Bro. went to hear Mr. Carr. Mr. Callahan preached a splendid sermon on the glory of God being the light, without the sun. The 21st chapter and 23rd verse of Revelations. I had to come by Mrs. Jordan's and wait for him. I ate dinner with Mary Josie, then came home and ate some real nice apple dumplings. Ma is an expert hand at the business. She is writing to Aunt Mary. I wrote to Fannie Shore, a short letter. I want to write to Cousin Fannie Thompson this week. I will have to answer Cousin Rosa Carter's. School is out next Friday, then I can write as many letters as I please, that is if I do not have to teach for the two days that it rained.

Monday 24th Sept.

This is my last week. I do hope that I won't lose any more days. Will brought me down this morning. Anna went home with him. I wrote to Fannie Shore last night and have written a long letter to Cousin Fannie Thompson today. I will not have time to do much sewing before the fair, it is a little over two weeks off. I want to attend the Baptist Association also, which is to be at Wood Lawn, on the sixth of October. I will not have time to make my black dress untill after the fair and then I will have to teach school at home. I intended to commence on the 15th but will not unless I get my dress made before the fair. It will take a week to do it and then I have to get my hat fixed for the fair.

Friday 28th Sept.

Today is the last day of school. I have not missed but two days and then it rained. I have not been sick enough to quit teaching. How thankful I am for such a precious boon, that is health. I have not had time to write since Monday. I staid all night Tuesday with Mrs. Watson. Uncle Ziph is having his molasses made. Wash L. is making this for him. He makes splendid molasses. By the way I was introduced to him yesterday. I like him finely. I hate to leave my scholars but I am glad that school is out. I do not know when I will get to see them. I have tried to do my duty by the scholars. I have tried to learn them. If I did not I cannot help it. Farewell old schoolhouse.

Saturday 29th 1877

My school was out yesterday. I hated to leave. There were there Mrs. Garison, Jennie, Mr. Neely and family, Mrs. Watson, Mrs. Cook and there would have been more but they were busy making molasses. Some of my scholars cried. I got home late. I stayed at Aunt Sarah's. Ma was there, she rode the pony home and I came in the wagon. We all went out to the fairgrounds this evening. I took dinner at Aunt O's and then rode horseback out to the grounds, just before I started home. Mollie Hyatt came out to ride, we rode around. Mr. R. with me and Tom with Mollie. Mr. Royal came to Aunt Sarah's with me then. Mr. S. Miller came home with me. I had a delightful time. I feel relieved I didn't have to get school work done.

Sunday 30th

I went down to the Pine Woods today to hear Mr. Henry. Tom went with me, heard a splendid sermon. The text was in the 24th chapter and verse 3 of Luke. He is risen. We took dinner at Mr. Thompson's, had a nice dinner and spent a pleasant day. But I don't feel right to stay away from home on Sundays. We came by Mr. Stanley's and he gave us a nice treat of apples. Mrs. Stanley was sick this evening. Willie Pickens, Sam Killian and Billie Wilson came part of the way with us. I do like Will so much. I did not say who went to church with me, but I will not forget it no way.

Tuesday 2 Oct.

I arrived home late this evening, have been in town since Monday morning. I am bothered about having so much work to do. I almost wish that there was no fair at all. Dr. Graves preached last night, a splendid sermon against infidelity. And Catholicism. Mr. Callahan and Miss Della Ridgal were married today at ten o'clock. They were to have gone to Warren with Dr. Graves but he was not well enough. He will not go to the Association unless he gets better. He was quite hoarse last night they said. The fair is one week from tomorrow.

New Year's Day, 1st 1878

I awoke this morning and looked out the window. All the clouds had disappeared and the New Year had come in with a bright and beautiful day. I formed a great many resolutions for the coming year. I resolved to be a better girl, commence reading through the Bible and testament. I had so very much to thank God for this day. He has watched over us dayly. I have been gay all day. I mended Tom's coat, knit a little, and then got my patchwork. Late this evening I saw the Dr. coming. We had a long talk. Tonight I must read a chapter and retire. Jan. 1st 1878

Jan. 2nd 1878

Dr. Miller left early this morning. He said that there was to be a party at Mr. Thomasson's Friday night and not having any shoes to wear to the party, I went into town today to get some. I made the money myself, that is the beauty of it. I arrived home about four p.m. Ella Evans went in this morning to assist Mrs. Wood in moving. She came out and is with me tonight. She is a particular friend of mine. I did not see _____ today. He went to town but I did not see him. I would like very much to do so. Ella is waiting and I must read a chapter, or break my resolution.

Jan. 3rd Thursday

It has been snowing all day, the ground is covered. Everything looks beautiful with its pure white vesture. I fear the party will be a disappointment to all owing to the snow. I looked forward to a delightful time with Mr. ______. He is a noble man. I don't know what to think of him, he does not come to see me but says he loves me better than anyone else. I can't account for it. Ella is still with me, she is sorry to see the snow. She wants to go back to Dorsey County. She has been here four nights. We have had a nice time snowballing. I have been knitting, also sewing on my quilt, assisted with the cooking. It is nine. I will have to go back in the parlor. Ma is talking to Ella while I write.

Friday 4th

This has been a beautiful day, clear and bright. Ella is still with me. We have had a lively time today. Brother Tom and Mr. Huffman came over and we had an eggnog and a snowballing, which was very nice. Tom called by a little while, told us that the party was postponed. I was very glad. The weather is so cold with snow on the ground. I am thinking of going home with Ella if the wagon comes by. Mr. Stanley's went into town this morning. I don't know whether we will see it or not. I will leave off untill some other time.

Sunday 6th

The wagon came by with Mittie in it. Sam came by just before the wagon came. He got in the wagon with us, and Mr. Anderson rode his horse. He staid until ten. We had a lively time. Mittie left Saturday morning. Ida Thomasson, Brooks T. and Sam Hemingway called in to warm on their way from the party, which was a failure. We had a fine time in the evening snowballing. While Ella and I were playing John T. passed. I thought he looked interested. We have been reading most all day. I came home this evening. Will came after me. Kate marries Thursday. I am sorry to see her marry so young. I am too well contented to marry yet. I must read a chapter tonight. I have not been ... this year.

Monday 7th

I have a terrible cold tonight. Am afraid that I will be sick. I hope and trust that I won't. Nevertheless, if it is God's will I will not murmur. Ella came over today with Mr. and Mrs. Stanley. They were on their way to see Tommie. Ella intended to stay until Wednesday but Mr. Rice came by for her. Her uncle Styles is to meet her and have a settlement. She would come back if she had a way to come. Tom has come over to see Ella. I suppose that is it. He don't know that she is gone. I will have to retire as I am not well. I want to get a school as soon as I can. I am tired doing nothing.

Tuesday 8th 1878

Today is the sixth day that the snow has been on the ground. It is quite cloudy tonight. The snow is not near melted. I have been spinning and carding today, have not got my quilt half done. I wrote a letter to Green Mount today inquiring about the school there. I am trying to get one there. Wheather I will get it or not, I can't tell yet. I will have to get a school somewhere. I cannot live and not work. I want to be independent. Well Sallie Montgomery and Mr. Wright married Thursday. Also Kate Pickens and Sam Killian. Ed Cole and Anna Burks will step off today week. Dolphus Pickens and Sue Patten married last Tuesday. He was my sweetheart. I am glad that he is married at last. I wish much joy and happiness.

Wednesday 9th

This has been a very pretty day. It was cloudy soon this morning when I first got up. We had to have a soon breakfast. Jim went to the cutoff, he won't get back till tomorrow. Mr. & Mrs. Stanley came by on their way from Tommie's and spent the day. Mr. Rice came also. Bettie went home with Mrs. Rice. Tom Rice staid with the children tonight. Pa is clearing new ground and cutting wood to haul to town to Ed Cole this week. He works so hard. I do feel sorry for him. I do not know a better father or mother than I have got. I sent my letter off today enquiring into the school at Green Mount. Well, I must go to church Sunday. Mr. John Carr has gone to Bradley Co. to preach. Mr. Jewell is station preaching and Zeke Watson. P.E.

Thursday 10th

The brides have had a very beautiful day. It was a little cloudy when I arose it soon cleared off. I cooked dinner and supper, spun some thread for Bettie, knit a while and then I helped Ma to cut out all her quilt squares. Jim got back from the depot this evening; Pa went in and came back on the wagon. He said that Aunt O. wanted me to come in soon tomorrow. I don't know what she wants but I guess I'll not go as it don't suit all run around; and I like peace and quiet. Oh! father bless us all. Make us an humble and loving people. Thou canst do with us as thou seest we need. I will not murmur at none of thy works.

Thursday 24th Jan.

Dear old journal I have neglected you ten days. I went to town on the eleventh. I went to church Sunday, heard Mr. Jewell preach a splendid sermon, the first one since he came to Monticello. It was splendid. The text was "Who forgiveth all our iniquities, who healeth our diseases," found in the one hundred and third Psalm, third verse. I attended Sunday school for the first time in six months. I want to go every Sunday that I can possibly do so. I had the pleasure of an introduction to Mrs. Jewell. I think she is a splendid lady. The Misses Jewel are nice looking girls that remind me I must add some more names to my list. Some new acquaintances. I went to see Miss Tove[?] Shorter yesterday had a pleasant visit. Mr. Tom Ragland was there. She had just arrived home; he came with her. I don't know what to think of his waiting on Miss Tove so much. Ed and Anna were married on the fifteenth. They are living on Dan Rutledge's place in town. Effie Tilman was married last week to a Mr. Baker. She was sixteen. There has been a great many marriages lately. Sallie M. & Wilson Wright married on the tenth. I have been starching and ironing today also sewing and knitting. I have a cold still. We all want to go to a party at Mr. Hayneses tomorow night if it don't rain. I hope it won't. Anna is at Mrs. Stanley's, don't know when she is coming home.

Friday 25th & Saturday 26th

This morning when I arose the moon & stars were shining so brightly. I had breakfast by lamplight. I went out to help Bettie milk, and before we were through it had got quite cloudy. But it soon cleared off. We went to the party. I enjoyed myself finely. It was half after three when we got back. Sat'dy. I felt quite stupid after my last night's disruption. It has been cloudy all day. Ma & Pa, Elmer & Bolling went to Uncle Ziph's this evening. No one at home except Jim, Bettie, Anna, Willie & myself. Anna staid with Mrs. Stanley & Rice this week. She came home this morning. I will close for tonight and have to read some & I am real sleepy. So good night journal.

Sunday 27th Jan. 1878

I did not attend church today. Jim went, he got back at one o'clock. Tom & Tom Hofman came with him. I had dinner at two. Ma & Pa got home about four p.m. Lizzie has a little babe a week old tomorrow. Little Eula May Tiffin. Such a sweet name. I do want to see her so much. I know she is a sweet child, only weighs 6 lbs. Tom & Mr. Huffman left about sundown. I have been reading Paul's Epistles in Acts about this conversion. It is really a great consolation to sinners. I do feel that I'm a great sinner; I will have to retire as we will have to get up early in the morning. I must go to Sunday School next Sunday. I took a class last Sunday and must attend regularly if possible. I would have gone but could not leave the children alone today. I do love to attend Sabbath School and church.

Monday 28th Jan.

I have been cutting quilt scraps all day. Tom & Ed Owens came over tonight after supper; have just left and it is ten. I will read a chapter in Acts and retire for tonight as I want to rise at four in the morning. I do love to get up early. Adieu.

Tuesday 29th

It is raining tonight. Pa got through planting oats in time. I have been sewing and cutting quilt pieces today; also helped Ma to cut a Negro woman a dress. Anna is not well tonight, hope she will be better by morning. She has sore throat. I will read a few chapters and retire. I have got Romans in the new testament, am also reading the old Bible.

Wednesday 30th

It has been raining all day and has turned real cold. We have been sewing all day. I helped milk the cows and it was very cold. Mr. Tom S. Wells is here tonight from Walnut Lake where he is living now. I will have to read so I will stop for the present.

Thursday 31st

It is clear tonight. I sewed this morning. This evening I went over to see Miss Tove also went by Mrs. Rives. I am quite sleepy and will not write much. Tom has just left, he got his neck hurt today with the wagon.

Friday 1st February 1878

We are all well with the exception of colds. The clouds all dispersed and it is clear and bright. Ma & I have been carpentering this evening. I do hope that we will have pretty weather. The young folks say that they are going to have a valentine's party here on the 14th inst. Don't know yet wheather they will or not.

Saturday 2nd

We are still carpentering today. It is cloudy and cold. I got a fall today. Fell off of the garden gate. I want to go to Sunday school tomorrow if the weather will admit. We will not have the party here on the 14th as there will be one somewhere else. I willl have to read and retire.

Wednesday 27th Feb.

Well my old diary I have neglected you ever since the 2nd ult. We had the party here on the 14th. There was a nice crowd. I enjoyed myself finely and everyone else seemed to do the same. All three of my fellows were here, one stayed all night with his sister. Since the party I have been teaching school. I have a small one. Mrs. and Mr. Rives children, Joe Remley was to see me on the 16th. Dr. Miller the 17th. Jim & Carrie L. Remly on the 23rd and _____ on the 24th. I did not go to church Sunday, will go next. I will take dinner with Mittie tomorrow and will probably stay with Miss Tove S. tomorrow night. I met _____ this evening, had a few words with him. I don't know when I will write again so farewell.

Sunday 10th March

I went to church this morning. Pa was my escort. Dr. Allen came along just as I was getting down, he went with me to and from church. He is a nice gentleman. We had a splendid sermon 24 & 5 verse of the 15th chapter of 1st Corinthians. My fellow was here again today was a week ago. Don't know when I will see him again. Mittie & Tom[?] staid Thursday night with me. Mittie and I were going to see Carrie Remley but it rained all day. Nevertheless today is a beautiful day. I did not get to town in time for Sabbath school. Would have done it but the horses got out last night. Au revoir.

[This is the last entry in the diary, except for the following list of names.]

Names of Male Acquaintances Sept. 5, 1877
A.R. Pickens
Albert Bledso
Abner Thomas
A. Chesnut
A.A. Ramsey
Bish. Hall
Brown H.
Boone Gill
Bob Shelton
Bob Wright
Billie Wilson
Bob Davis
Babe [Bob?] Jones
Ballie R.
Billie Ford
Brooks T.
Billie Bordeaux
Charlie Hankins
Charlie Owens
Charles Burks
Charles McCain
Carroll Wood
Charlie Hudspeth
C. Craig
C. McQuistion
Dan Hankins
D.R. Garison
Dixon Trotter
Dick Hardy
Doll Spencer
Evie Howell
Eddie Cole
Ed Tiffin
Ed Owens
Ed Slemons
Emett Dixon
Ed Shore
Ellis Wells
Ell Jordan
Flave Owens
Frank Haynes
Frank Dougan
Gorde Penix
George Manees
George Gill
Geo. Chaffin
Geo. Lambert
Gaston Williamson
Henry Rogers
H. Bailey
Henry Wells
Horatio W.
J.A. Thomasson
John Wright
J. Remley
John Ford
Jeff Haynes
Joe Gill
Clarence O.
J. Davis
Joe Remley
John McCloy
Joe Hancock
J. Gibson
John Hufman
John Owens
J. McQuistion
Jim Gabby
J.L. Bolling
J.R. Manees
Lewis Seabrook
Lou Morris
Milton Royster
Mat. Gill
Mr. Wilson
Mount Morris
Mr. Callahan
Nealy King
Phil Rogers
P. Craig
R.C. Miller
Sam Killian
Saul B.
Sam McCloy
Sam Miller
Sam Davis
Sam Jones
Sam Hemingway
Molton D.
Tom Gibson
L. Wells
Thad P.
T. Hufman
Tom B.
Thos. Manees
Tom Gabby
W. Hall
Wm. Wright
Wilson Wright
Wm. Manees
Wm. Edwards
Wm. Pickens
Wm. Thompson
W.D. Hunt
Wiley Royal
Wm. Hammett
Wm. Irwin
Will Wood
Wm. Bolling
Wm. Belser
Wellington B.
Wm. Morris
Wm. Procise [Provise?]
Wallace W.
Waller Owens
Watt Owens
Wm. Strong
Wm. Harper
B. Montgomery
Zeb Patrick
Virgil Trotter
Mineheart Myer
Jim Lane
B. Duvall
Wash. Lamb
John Barron
Robert Carpenter
Joe Shelton
Craddock Gober
Henry Canada
Bob Ragland
Gip Taylor
Mr. McFalls
Sam Culpepper
Dr. Allen
G. Huffman
K. Whitaker
Tom Fisher
Dr. Trotter
Esley Remley
Bill Patton
B. Harris
F. Fryar
J. Brook[?]
N. Giles
W. Giles
Bob Harper
Walter Royal[?]
Jobe Bishop
A. Bishop
E. Rumph[?]
Jim Harper
W. Fryar
Will Fryar

Girl's Names
Ella Jewel
Carrie Hattock
Fannie Marks
Ada Nolly
Velona Chaffin
Viola Nolly
Minnie Chestnut
Emma Barker
Mat Hanly
Lizzie Elaxander
Ruth Wood
Laura Gabby
Sallie McCullock
Lou Fryar
Mag Fryar
Nealie Boyd
Nannie Jewel
Effie Tilman
Lina Killian
Mollie Hart[?]
Lillie Rogers
B. Henderson
L. Files
L.E. Laningham
C.L. Remley
Tennie Aikin
L. Giles
J. Steadman
Bittie Nash[?]

List of the girl's names and young gentlemen of my acquaintance in 1877 Sept 5th
Anna Burks
Annie Wells
Anna Hall
Addie Moore
Annie Gabbert
Lou Hussey
Lula Gabbert
Linnie Burks
Louie Hall
Maggie Hall
Mollie Hyatt
Mitie Rice
Kate Pickens
Kate Hurley
Beulah Royal
Ida Allen
Ida Rieves
Ida Thomasson
Octavia Thomasson
Carrie Thomasson
Addie Thomasson
Laura Thomasson
Jane Thomasson
Levia Miller
Rettie Wells
Ida Wells
Ella Evans
Kate Henderson
B. Matthews
Maggie Wilson
O. Shorter
Della R.
H. Hyatt
Ruth Hearn
Bennie Hearn
Jessie H.
Dosia L.
Jimmie L.
Emma L.
Anna H.
Louise A.
Bettie M.
Minnie M.
Anna M.
R. Thompson
Henry W.
M. Howell
L. Jackson
Mollie McQuiston
M. Dixon
- Montague[?]
E. Jones
Fannie Walls[?]
Mollie J.
C. Jordan
Ella H. [Hudson?]
Lula Preddy
Dan Ella Neal
Minnie Chestnut
Tate Gabbert
Hettie Matthews
Hila McQuiston
Ella Wilson
Sallie Montgomery
Minnie Taylor
Lou Bradshaw
Emma Rhodes
Sue Potts
Colline Tillar
Lena Slemans
Jessie Bond
Hattie Spencer
Lillie Pickens
Lola Morris
Lizzie Cornish
Angie Kulbeth
Alice Kulbeth
Nealie K.
Pat Raymond
Cora Wells
Emma Garison
Clem Garison
Lottie Burget
Nettie Hurley
Carrie Remly
Ivy Brooks
M. Shelton
Willie Slemons
Bettie Belser
Cefie Belser
Cora Hall
Cinthia S.
Niecie Lamb
Jennie H.
E. Hammet
Josie Craig
Nannie C.
Nettie C.
Nannie McGehee
Lula Ragland
M. Ragland
Maggie Besselieu[?]
Lily Buelher
Virgie Trotter
Helen Trotter
Mollie Morgan
Kate Crute
Lois Wilson
Maude Preston
Jinnie Wilson[?]
Lou McCalaster
Sarah M.
A. McCalester

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