Burnsville, Mississippi

Contributed by David Callaway.

Mrs. Manervia Gray
Greenmount Po
Drew County

Bournsvill, Miss March 26, 1862

Dear sister, I brace this present oppertunity for the pirpis of riting you afew lines to let you no that I am infoying good helth at this time. Hoping these few lines will find you and famly aul infoying the same blessing and also Dempsey and his famly.

Well Manervia, I have nothing of much importence to rite to you. I rote Dempsey a leter afew days sence, but I don't no whether he will git het or not. So now I will drop you afew lines which I think you will git.

Well, we ar now at Burnsvill, Tishamingo County, Miss but I don't no how long we will stay here. We have got orders to keep two days rashen cucked aul the time, and I supose the yankes is marchen on Corinth, which is about ten miles from this place. They ar cuting out a rode to that plase, so if they attact that plase we will be in the batle, but I an't attaul friten to go into abatle for I don't think the yankes can hit me no how, and I have got asplended musket and I can use hit as well as enybody.

So I expect to git sum of them if I git in abatle. I understood yestarday that our men captured six peces of artilary from the yankes at Corinth.

Well sister, Jenril Boin has just ben here sence I comence this leter and made a spech to our Comision oficers and ses that their is no dout but we will be in to abatle sun. So when you hear from me again, you may expect to hear from my being in to abatle. Our brigade is composed of four regt and two batris. The Regt in this brigade is one Miss Regt and one Misoury and the tenth and ninth Arks Regts. I think they ar aul fiting stock.

Well sister, I am so sory to tel you that James Gill is ded. Died afew days sence. And also Thomas Rogers is ded, and I recken John Hudshon is ded as we han't herd from him sence we left him sick be tween Nashville and Bolinggreen.

Marin Whitecar was taken prisner by the yankes at Bolinggreen. It is in the papers. The paper ses he is in good helth. I think he is aul they got out of this regt.

Well, we have seen avary hard time sence we left Bolinggreen. We ar driling four ours aday now, mosly scrunis driling. Well Alen and severel of our boys has got back in Country again. They ar aul well. Jack is also here. Spers and four or five of our boys is at Atlanter Gorgia yet.

Well, tell Miss J F Thomas that I will ancer her leter as sun as I can. I han' got eny papor nor I can't git eny here. I will rite as often as I can, and I want you to do the same. Tell Dempsey their is nothing to hender him from riting once aweek and I would be glad to here from him sum time. Give my love to P...nelia(hole in paper) and tel her I would be glad to git aleter from her. Tell Marthia An and Dick and sis and Henry and aul of the rest of the children houdy for me and tel them that I want to see them aul very bad.

Well, I must close for want of rume. Rite sum. Remain yours truly.

Goodby, J. R. Touchstone to Manervia Gray.


Driect your leters to
Bournsvill, Miss

I have got the socks you sent me by Thomas. I was flad to git. J.R. Touchstone

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