Head Quarters on Black River

Contributed by Harry Keith Wilson.

This is a letter written by A.H. Morgan to my great-grandfather Abel Pennington Wilson. It does mention a couple of Monticello people.

Missoura Sept 1th 1861

Col. Wilson Sir

I again seat my self on the ground for the purpose of letting you know our whereabouts. we are in twenty miles of the enemy. they are advancing and we are retreating. our Companies have been in 12 miles of the enemy. they are a thousan strong. we are near five thousan. it is thought we will make a stand at Pitmans fery but every thing is kept from the soldiers Capt not excepted. The troops are in fine spirits and appear to be ankious for an engagement. as for myself I am not so ankious but ready. we have had some excitement. we were on march the 28. I was in the rear. I met a man I thought looked suspissous. We were in between two mounting. this fellow kept looking up the hill. I ast him what there was up there that was so attractive. he gave me a smart answer by asking me if that was any of my business. I sed no more but went on and reported the coment (a few words not readable) and persued him and brought him back. after a close examination they turned him loose. the news go to Gen Hardee. he sent a despatch for 25 five picked men. Capt Hudgbeth took 12 from his company & 15 from ours. they started a bout midnight and was gone 2 days. they found one streaked Head and turned him over to Luke and Joe Clark. They brought him in and gave hime up to Gen Hardee. I don't know what they will do with him, but turn him loos as they have done several others. Hindmans Scouts took eleven prisiners and amongst them was a spie. they will hang him I guess. things have gone on well all the time with the exception of sickness. we have had a great deal. there is now 12 of our Com behind. we have just got the news of ed Medermat death. he died at Pochahontas on Tuesday last. his death is much regretted by the Company. times are hard. some provisons scarce. we have to feed our horses on green corn and consequently our horses have fallen off some but in good fix yet. they are inproving more since we have stopt but we will take up the line of march soon. I have just found out the object of retreating. it is for the purpose of drawing the enemy from there stronghold so Pillow or McCullough can intercept them or at least that is the supposation. As for myself I don't pretend to know. tell William there is boys in the Armey not longer than him but they all want to see Mamy and if he could see them packing there napsacks and musketts 25 miles a day he would not be so ankious to see Linken as he was the day we left Monticello. give my love to Jane and all the children. tell Sallie a young ladie about her age put one of pretty wreaths she ever saw on the flag at Jackson. Dent tell Mary I was presented with another beautiful bible by a young lady in Laraence County. her name is Fannie Hill. It has a gold clasp and is fixed up nice but I dent think half as much of it as I do the one she gave me. John Flemister is getting on fine. his health is as good as it was when he left home. Luke is getting on fine. he makes the best Comisary we have had yet. he is comissary for both companies and is liked by all. You must go or send someone to Mrs Flemister and tell her and Sarah how Luke and John is getting on. John wants to know how the crops are getting on and how they are getting on generaly. I must stop now as the time has moved on for (unreadable) I will find this evening. there has nothing transpired since I left of that would interest you. tell george and janey (unreadable). you must write your letters to Pochahantas in the care of Capt W.S. Raglin. write by return mail. Wilks Hemingway speaks of going home. if does send it by him. You can tell your brother Abe is getting on well and would like to for him to send a letter by Hemingway. I must close by remaining yours.

A.H. Morgan

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