Adcock/Millard Notes

Contributed by Karen Cotter with notes from Beth Thurman and Karen K. Hayes.

Quotes refer to the John Monroe Deal Letter.

"Old Times not Forgotten........", Hub Adcock is probably the Hank Adcock who married Elizabeth Deal.

I have always heard of Hill and Hub Adcock, most especially, the Hub Adcock place. He is not the Henry Adcock (known as Alex, probably named Henry Alexander after his grandfather Deal) nor the Henry that married Lizzie Deal. That Adcock lived over around Ladelle and was the father of Norris and Henry (Alex) and Belvie, who married Ben Evans (the parents of Orphie Evans Coddington, Jo Ann Evans Wells (married to Exall Wells), and Flora Evans, who married a Curtis, and Marie Evans, who married Emory Russel. These either lived in Ladelle or the Paradise/Prairie Hall Communities.

The Hub Adcock in the letter was Hubbard Adcock and lived on the northeastern edge of the Prairie Grove Community. He was either a brother or nephew or son of H.H. (Hill) Adcock, the preacher. There is a grave in the Prairie Grove Cem. marked H.Y.A. Adcock. It has no dates. This could be him, but I am betting he is the one in the Lone Sassafras Cemetery with the name Hillary Hubbard b. July 7, l860 and d. March l5, l935.

know what Clod Moss and Henry Meridith fell out about.

We still don't know the identity of Clod (I'm betting it was Claud) Moss, but Henry Meridith was called Hank and was married to Gertrude Chavis. My grandfather had always talked about this killing because it happened behind my barn. One day he went to the courthouse and got the marriage record of this couple because he had been discussing who Hank had married with someone, and I told him the record would be in the courthouse.

little old store at July Millard mill and Clod Moss

I don't know why they call this July, but I do know that the land abstract of our property has it owned by a Jess and Maggie Millard at this time.

and Henry Meridith, Jim Moore and two or three more

After looking at the copy of the original that Karen sent, I determined this to be Simpson (Sim) Moore, who was later or maybe even then a Baptist preacher, father or grandfather of Walter (Spurge) Moore, who is buried in the Dumas Cemetery at Walnut Lake.

Clod Moss then went and got a horse from Will Chavers

This should be what we call Chavis today...He was a brother to Ed Chavis and a son to Rufus Lafayette Chavis, who lived on the county line across from the Lagrones. The Will Chavis place is where the present Arthur Lloyd place is now. Will Chavis owned a store, too, and was married to a daughter of Staley Carpenter and was the sister of Willie Jo Carpenter Mullins.

about the Wheel Store. McHowell has bought out the

This should be Jasper McBride Howell. He was nicknamed Mack. This is what everyone called him. His son was Jasper McBride Howell, Jr. They called him Bud. J.M. Howell is the father of Mary (Sis) Bowden, the mother of all the Bowdens from Prairie Grove.

There is a Charles McDermott buried in the Oakland Cem.

store at Lacy (now Lacey). Jene -ackery is selling

Now, this is a hunch, but I decided it was Zachery because there were Zachery people in Lacy...a Thurman married a Zachery, and there are three Zachery people buried in the Lacey Cemetery.

good in the old grocery at Lacy. Old man McDonnel has

There is an A.H. McDonald living during the approximate time span buried in the Lacey Cem.

believe. D.R. Ham's (Hans?) wife is dead. She died

There are some Hams buried in Monticello in the Oakland Cem. None are buried in the Lacey Cem. and there are no D.R.'s.

Old man Bob Redy is dead. He died two weeks ago with

There are some Reedys in the Enon Cem., but no Bobs.

There is a Reddin in the Monticello Cem., but not a Bob.

pneumonia. Albert Mc--- is dead. Died last summer

No one by this name in the Lacey Cem.

with bowel complaint. Tom Lewis is dead, died last

There is a T.N. Lewis buried in the Lacey Cem. that fits the time fact, he died in l892.

This is the Thomas Norman Lewis buried at Lacey Cemetery. He was married to Alice Margaret Spencer d/o Calvin E. and Emily Waddell Spencer. Thomas was b. 25 Jul 1854 d. 7 Sep 1892 s/o William M. Lewis and Emily J. Perkins.

summer with brain fever. Miss Bevis is still running

No ideas on this one.

her little store. Old man Afallen (sp) is dead, died

This is O'Fallin, and there is an A. O'Fallin that died in l892, Dec. 25 age 83 years

Jeff Haynes is dead.

No Haynes or Hays with these nor KA are mentioned in the cem. book.

George Wells killed him last summer was a year ago. Killed Jeff in Monticello while Jeff was marshall in town.

There is a George Wells b. July 23, l870 and died in Aug. 26, l940 bur. in the Oakland Cem.

Old Judge Hayes is dead, died last fall and Bob Bakker killed Ka Haynes. Hasn't never caught Bob yet. Jim Fally married Helen Spencer and she died with a cancer on her breast last fall.

There is a Hellen L. Farley and J.E. Farley bur. in the Oakland Cem.

The only problem is the Hellen L. Farley died July 5, l892 and was b. l853. There is a Hattie Farley that was born in March and d. in Oct l892. This was not long after her mother, Helen died...could possibly be the same one.

This is James E. Farley married to Helen L. Spencer in Jan 1889. They lived at Lacey and had two children Calvin and Hattie L. Farley before she died in July 1892. We did not know until the posting of this letter what she died from. Helen Spencer was also daughter of Calvin and Emily Spencer. James apparently remarried after Helen's death as he is found in 1900 with wife Bunnie and children Clara and Mettie Farley. All are buried in Oakland Cemetery.

These are the family of my (KHayes) ggrandfather George Perry Spencer and Vinnie Cordelia Downey of Lacey.

killed. Frank Fergas on you (land) now got wasons

This was Ferguson could be Watsons/Wessons (I don't know on this one).

Frank Fergeson widow married another man in Lincoln County by name of (looks like Mirs)

This is Myers. People pronounced it like that above back then. Mrs. Mellie Baker was this man's daughter.

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