Drew County, Arkansas Newsbriefs - 1911

Contributed by Jann Woodard.

Chester Newspaper

Chester, South Carolina, Friday, March 9, 1911. Elijah Hyatt married Hannah Culp. Their sons were: B.C., David and Elijah. Ben C. Married Livinia Fee and moved with his family to Arkansas in the early fifties of the last century. He did not develop any of the elements of character of a minister of the Gospel while in this country, but I was told he got to be a Baptist preacher in Arkansas. I don't know anything of his family.

Elijah died unmarried. David married Julia McFadden. They reared one child, Isaac McFadden Hyatt. He served through the War as a sergeant in Co. A, 17th S. C. V. His wife was Martha J. Edwards. They both died in Lancaster county, only eleven days intervening between their deaths. Their children are Mrs. Julia Turner, Mrs. Margaret Killian, Mrs. Ina Ford, D.H. and Isaac Marmaduke, all living in the Landsford and Fort Lawn sections of the county. Two other children, Mrs. Ammie Edwards and Ed Hyatt are died. Their daughters were Mary and Ruth, twins, Rhoda, Nancy, Julia Ann, Sallie, Susannah, Elizabeth and Sophronia. Mary married Grey Cherry and reared a large family of sons and daughters. Four of their sons were Confederate soldiers, viz., William, Elijah, Lafayette and Columbus. The last named was killed in battle. The other three survived the War, but are all dead. Elijah rose to the captaincy of Co. E, 17th S. C. V. There were two other sons, Pinckney, who went to Texas and Pringle, who died some years after the War. There were four daughters, Martha, Ruth, Nancy, and Julia. Martha married Wm. Porter and after his death went with her children to Arkansas. Ruth married T.W. Roddey and reared a large family of sons and daughters, a number of whom with their families live in the Landsford section of the county. Nancy married Abram Ferguson. She died a few years ago in Lancaster leaving several children. Julia was the wife of S.E. Killian, and at her death left two sons and two daughters, all of whom are married. Ruth Hyatt married Wylie Crook. They reared a family in Arkansas, but I know nothing of them. Rhoda Hyatt married Turner Ferguson and after his death married Ira Ferguson. These men were related, but were not brothers. She reared a large family of sons and daughters. Perry Ferguson, her oldest son, was a gallant soldier in the 6th Regt. S. C. V. and is still living, a prominent citizen of Bethel township in York county. Nancy Hyatt married M.E. Edwards and by this marriage reared three sons and one daughter. W.L. died in Lancaster, Dr. E.H. died in Due West, John L. died in the Hospital for the Insane in Columbia, Mary married Uriah Jordan and reared five sons and two daughters and died some twenty or more years ago. After the death of M.D. Edwards, which occurred in 1839, she married W. Milton Walker. Of this marriage there are two living children, Joseph Walker of Lancaster, and Mrs. Lizzie Kelsey of Fort Lawn. Sallie Hyatt married Jonathan Ferguson. They moved to Arkansas in 1845 and reared their family there; and I know but little of them. After the death of his first wife in Arkansas, he returned to Chester County And married his sis-in-law, Nancy, widow of Milton Walker, who was 74 and he was 76 years old. After a few years she died and he went to the home of one of his daughters and died in Louisiana. Julia Ann Hyatt married Madison Ferguson. They reared one son and three daughters, Calvin, the son, was a member of Co. A 6th S. C. V. and was killed in battle in Virginia in 1864. The daughters all married. Bessie to a Mr. Wilson and went to Arkansas. Sallie to David Simpson and went to Illinois, Mattie to a Mr. Graham and is living a widow in Lancaster. Susannah Hyatt married Thomas L. McFadden. She died in early life, leaving three sons, Elijah, Samuel and Lafayette, all of whom were Confederate soldiers. Elijah survived the War, and died at Richburg some years after the War. The other two were killed in battle. Elizabeth Hyatt married W.W. Jordan. They reared three sons, J.J., D.H., and B.D. The last two are living. J.J. died recently. He married Emily Bradley and they reared a large family of sons and daughters. D.H. is unmarried. B.D. married Lizzie Kelsey, and they have reared two sons and three daughters. His wife is recently died. The daughters of Mrs. Elizabeth Jordan were Mary, Mattie, and Sallie. Mary married Isaac McFadden and died leaving one son, Dr. May McFadden, of Clinton. Mattie married Rhett Kelsey, and after his death married George McKeown. She has no children. Miss Sallie is unmarried. Saphronia Hyatt, the youngest child of Elijah Hannah Hyatt married Marion Ferguson. They reared a large family of sons and daughters, all of whom with their families live in Lancaster County.

Marion Ferguson was a member of Co. B 4th Regt. S. C. V. Cavalry and died during the War. His widow afterwards married Jasper Sledge. Of this marriage there were two daughters, both married and living in Lancaster County. The children of Elijah and Hannah Hyatt are all dead, the most of them living to a ripe old age. Mrs. Sledge died in an old age at Fort Lawn some ten years ago. She was the youngest and the last of the twelve children. This was a remarkable family. But one of their children died unmarried, and he lived to mature manhood. All the rest except one daughter lived to old age and reared large families.

David Hyatt had but one child, M. Hyatt. Many of the descendants of these old people are among the best citizens of this and other States. The descendants of Elijah Hyatt and Hannah Culp living and dead no doubt will number more than a thousand people.

I neglected to mention that all three sons of M.D. Edwards were Confederate soldiers. How many of the grand-sons in the West were in the Confederate Army I do not know, but I do know that all of them in this county who were old enough served in that War. J. and M.E. Jordan and Joseph Walker, who were boys, served the last year of the War. There was another branch of the Hyatt family in Lancaster County. They descend from David Hyatt, a brother of Elijah. There was another family of the same name in the Western section of Chester County, but I do not know what relationship if any existed between them and Elijah Hyatt.

Written by W.H. Edwards

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