Drew County, Arkansas Newsbriefs - 1895

Contributed by Jann Woodard.

Drew Advance

Dec. 31, 1895

At the residence of the bride's father at Manoah, Mr. M.C. Cruce and Miss Gertrude Holland were married, Rev. A.G. Horton officiating. Mr. Cruce is one of Spencer, Hardy & Co's. most trusted salesmen, and has glowing prospects for the future. The young bride is the eldest daughter of Mr. J.P. Holland, one of the most prominent citizens of Manoah.

At the residence of the bride's father at Manoah, Mr. B.Z. Dunlap and Miss Effie Glossup were married, Rev. R.P. Rowland officiating. The groom is the eldest son of Mr. J.I. Dunlap and is one of Manoah's most progressive and popular young men, and has won for a wife one of Drew County's most worthy young ladies. The Advance extends congratulations to both young couples and wishes for them long lives and unlimited prosperity.

Jackson Wainright, a negro boy while passing the house of Bob Miller, another negro, Christmas morning, was greeted with "Christmas gift" by Millers children. Wainwright drew a double-barreled derringer and shot three of them - one dangerously. The pistol was loaded with squirrel shot. Wainright was lodged in jail to await trial. He claims the shooting was accidental.

The three year old child of Polly Binns a negro woman living in one of the Whittington houses on the railroad, was burned to death Saturday. It is not known how it happened, but it is supposed that the child's clothing caught while it was playing near the fire.

If we cannot please you in whiskey no one can. E. Gaster. Order through H.F. Bailey.

Bob Nubles (sic) was shot in the bowels by George Richardson on the night of the 26th from the effects of which he died at 1 o'clock Friday morning. The murderer is still at large. Nubles was a porter for the Hall House and was an excellent servant, and had many white friends, especially among commercial men. Richardson was employed in Cunningham's barber shop and has paid several fines here for carrying concealed weapons and disturbing the peace. He is about 5 feet 10 inches high, somewhat lighter than ginger-cake color, gray eyes, walked slightly stooped, wore about a number 8, and when the murder was committed had on a brown derby and a dove-colored overcoat.

Ark. Gazette

March 3, 1895, Monticello, Mar. 2 - John Thompson and A.D. Holmes, two negroes living on Mr. T. Woods farm near Miller, became involved in a quarrel about a cross fence last Friday which resulted in the killing of the former by the latter. Holmes was brought to this city today by Deputy Sheriff John T. Huddleston and after preliminary trial was remanded to jail without bail to await the action of the Grand Jury.

March 26, 1895, Monticello, March 25 - Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock sharp Mr. R.W. Finn, Jr. and Miss Eula Gaston were quietly married by Rev. John McLauchila at the Main Street Parsonage in this city. Both are young people of this place and everybody joins in wishing them much happiness.

Mr. J.D. Welsh, Jr., member of the Advance Printing Company, this city, will be married Wednesday afternoon at 6 o'clock to Miss Lilly Jackson, also of this city.

April 5, 1895, Collins, April 2 - Theadore F. Martin, formerly of Hopkinsville, KY, now the popular hotel man at Dermott, was married this morning at 11 o'clock to the handsome and charming young widow, Mrs. Mary Parker of Monticello. The ceremony took place at the residence of Mr. T.H. Webb in presence of a few friends. They have a host of friends who wish them prosperity and happiness.

April 25, 1895, Little Rock - Mr. W.A. Campbell and bride, nee Hattie Gabbert, and party, consisting of Miss Mary and Harry Campbell and R.P. Bateman, returned from Monticello last evening and will remain in the city, the guests of Mr. Campbell's parents, at Fifteenth and Cumberland, until Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell were married at the Presbyterian Church at Monticello at 8:30 yesterday, starting immediately for Little Rock. It was a beautiful morning wedding and Mr. Campbell has captured one of Southwest Arkansas' loveliest girls.

October 3, 1895, Little Rock - Maj. J.T.W. Tillar is severely ill at Eureka Springs, where he has been with his family for some time.

October 12, 1895, Little Rock - Norman Burks, a young mulatto, who engaged in the business of vending liquor in Drew County without having paid the Government license, was arraigned before Judge Williams in Federal Court yesterday. He pleaded guilty and was fined $100 and costs and sentenced to thirty days in the Drew County jail.

Contributed by Chicken Hips.

Drew Advance

April 2, 1895

A beautiful balmy day last Wednesday, the 27th of March. Winter had suddenly emerged into spring, and all nature seemed blithe and gay. It was a fitting day indeed for the joining of hearts and hands and the launching out on life's ocean together. So thought we, and so must have thought many others of the large number of people assembled on that evening at the Methodist church in this place to witness the nuptials of Mr. J.D. Welsh and Miss Lily Jackson, two of Monticello's most charming young people. Indeed the number of friends present on that occasion was in itself a fitting tribute to the popularity of these two. The church had been made by loving hands, a bower of beauty, and at six o'clock the notes of the organ floated out on the evening air as Miss Eme Prewitt played the very beautiful wedding march, and the bride and groom, and Mr. Jack Curry and Miss Ladelle Welsh on their left. As the sweet strains of the march died away they were met at the altar by the Rev. Dr. McLauchlan, and in a beautiful and impressive manner made one. The wedding party with a few invited guests then adjourned to the home of Mrs. B.F. Prewitt, where a delightful feast was in waiting, and to which ample justice was done. Mr. Welsh, our friend and co-worker on the The Advance is a most estimable gentleman, and we sincerely congratulate him on having won such a beautiful and accomplished wife and we wish for them both much happiness and prosperity.

List of Presents given to the couple (I can't believe they printed this in the paper!!)

Silver syrup pitcher, Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Williamson, Little Rock

Handsome clock, James and Miss Elle Jackson

Silver water pitcher, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. McCain, Little Rock

Silver sugar and cream set, Miss Anne Killian, Portland

Silver nut bowl, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.M. Miller, Fort Smith

Silver nut crack and picks, Caro and Beth Miller, Fort Smith

Handsome bronze urn, Miss Elle and James Jackson

Handsome urn, Ed & Geo. Spencer

Oak center table and rocking chair, Mrs. C.A. Welsh

Set of linen napkins, Toselle and Leila Waddell

Dresser and washstand scarf, Miss Ladelle Welsh

Silver framed mirror, Mrs. Slemons

Elegant washstand set, Mrs. M.C. Bolling

Pair of lovely picture frames, Mrs. S.E. Swife

China tea set, Vance Bordeaux, Dan Koonce and Jack Curry

Pretty match holder, Annie Mae Swife

Beautiful tin water set, Misses Colie and Marie Bell

Handsome piano lamp, Dr. F.M. Loper, J.P. Burks, and Hale Robinson

Pin cushion, Miss Olive Hart

Hand painted toilet set, Mr. and Mrs. R.B. Windes

Cut glass pickle stand, Dr. and Mrs. Clinton P. Meriwether, Walnut Ridge

Silver sugar bowl, T.W. Loper and Wm.M. Robertson

Silver pickle stand, Bob Kidd, McGehee

Pine tray, Miss Eme Prewitt

Silver butter knife, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Crenshaw, Dermott

Cut glass fruit bowl, Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gibson Taylor, Pine Bluff

Parlor lamp, E.B. Wells

Set of silver knives and forks, Mrs. H.F. Bailey

Two Smyrna rugs, Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Wilson and Mr. and Mrs. M.F. Chesnutt

Marble top center table, L.L. Burks

Handsome carving set, J.R. Erwin

Lovely point lace handkerchief, Miss Carro Owens, Fort Smith

Set of silver spoons and china cup and saucer, Harry Hankins

Lovely bridal cake, Leo Bickart

Silver jewel case, Frank and Mamie Grey Loper

Bronze framed mirror, D.A. Brown

Beautiful banquet lamp, Miss Nellie Hyatt

Pretty photograph case, "Little Tommie Corrigan"

(those cut-glass pickle stands must have been popular at the time...wonder what they looked like)

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