Drew County, Arkansas Newsbriefs - 1894

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Arkansas Gazette

Monticello, Ark., Aug. 1, 1894.

Dear Editor:

I am informed that there is being circulated among the people of this county a report that I had made out an account against the State and also one against Drew County and collected them both for the capture of Lou McDaniel and Rufus Godwin. I desire to say to my people and to the public generally that this report is utterly false, and I ask that a fair minded and generous public will withhold any opinion until they shall be informed as to the facts concerning the matter, which are as follows: I had located McDaniel and Godwin in Texas, but being at the time so pressed with the collection of taxes that I could not leave home, I told W.H. Patrick and Emmet Allen that if they would go out to Texas and get them they might have what there was in it, and I agreed to furnish the money to bear their expenses, with the understanding, that they would refund the same to me if they succeeded in getting the parties. On their return home, with the above understanding I paid $193 on their expenses and for assistance in making the arrest, etc. Patrick then made application to and was appointed by the Governor as messenger to be assisted by Emmet Allen to go to the State of Texas and apprehend and bring back to this county the said McDaniel and Godwin. They succeeded in apprehending and bringing back the parties and I gave my receipt for them and took them into my custody. Patrick then told me that he wanted to refund my money out of the account which would be due him from the county, which I agreed he might do which was to be paid in county scrip and he made the account out against the county for services rendered and money expended in the sum of $270.90, for said capture and went before county clerk R.L. Hardy and swore to the same so that I might collect it, and repay myself for money advanced as aforesaid, and I took the account in this way and no other. But before this account was made out against the county, said Patrick had gone to Little Rock as I have learned since this report has been in circulation, and made out an account and collected for the said capture the sum of $298.00, as expenses of which I was entirely ignorant, as he told me on his return that the Governor had paid him one half of the reward that he had offered to each of the parties and would pay him the balance if they were convicted, and said nothing about the collection being for expenses. He then gave me $100 less one half of his expenses to Little Rock and back home and asked me to give it to Emmet Allen for his part, claiming that the amount collected by him was $200 as the reward aforesaid. I gave the amount to A.N. Allen, the father of Emmet, and I am informed by him that he forwarded it to Emmet. Now I say to the people that I did not have the slightest knowledge or even suspicion that there had been two accounts made out by Patrick for expenses until this report came to me since the primary election, but was of the firm belief that Patrick had collected $200 on the rewards as he had stated to me on his return from Little Rock at the time he gave me the amount for Allen as before stated. Since this report has been circulating I have obtained from the Auditor of State the true status of the case and find that Patrick, instead of collecting the reward as stated to me, made out an account against the State as expenses for the capture and swore to it. I have in my possession subject to the inspection of any one who desires to see them, the accounts as made out and sworn to by him. All that I received from said capture was the money I advanced to Patrick and Allen as before stated. Now the above are the facts concerning the matter and all statements to the contrary I denounce and brand as absolutely unmitigated falsehoods, and I here unhesitatingly denounce the author of any report or statement to the contrary as an unmitigated liar. I invite all who care to take the trouble to come and examine the papers that they may know the facts as they exist and I sincerely hope that if any man has been so unkind to me as to circulate this report to advance his pecuniary or political interest or through a spirit of spit or revenge, he will come to me like a gentleman and not go about like a cowardly sneak and stab me in the back so to speak, hoping to do me person injury secretly, without giving me a change to lift myself above the vile influence. In conclusion I trust that my friends one and all will take the trouble to inform themselves correctly as to the truth of the statements I have herein made and assist me in the vindication of the wicked and unjust thrust at my character, which I believe was made and put in motion by a designing secret enemy without cause.


L.E. Morgan

August 19, 1894 page 3 col 2:

Aug. 16, Warren: A man named Chas Holloway and a young girl named Carter, who eloped from Drew County a week or two ago, were arrested in Pine Bluff yesterday and lodge in jail in this place this morning. Holloway is a married man, and the girl is only about 15 years of age. Her father has had officers on the trail for a number of days, and J.C. Clary of this place, finally located him at Pine Bluff. Holloway will be held to answer to the charge of kidnapping.

Nov. 3, 1894:

Monticello, Nov 2 - J.F. Eggleston, General State Agent for the Singer Manufacturing Company in Monticello, committed suicide here this morning. He had been on a protracted spree and took an overdose of chloral(my note a hypnotic), it is supposed accidentally. Mr. Eggleston was a good business man when not under the influence of liquor and made many friends here who regret his tragic end. He leaves a mother and sister at Richmond, Va.

September 2, 1894:

Monticello, Aug. 31 - The big revival conducted by Rev. R.C. Medaris, of Jonesboro, at the Baptist Church in this city, closed last Tuesday night with sixteen converts. These were baptized Monday at 4 o'clock by Rev. W.W. Gardner. The baptism was witnessed by perhaps 1,000 people, of every denomination in the city.

The outlook for the Orphans' Home is very flattering indeed, and it meets the hearty approval of everybody.

The candidates on the Democratic ticket spent their time last week on the stump with the "Pouting Peters", and that insignificant disciple of nobody in particular, J.J. Whitaker, who entered the race as a Democrat, was defeated, flopped over as an Independent, and, finding little encouragement in that quarter, groveled at the feet of the Republican element. Next Monday the people will show this brother the magnitude of their contempt for such men. The present Democratic ticket in Drew County is the strongest in years. It represents intelligence, ability and principle - the three things most essential to impartial government.

Aside from politics, Monticello is a quiet orderly city. Improvements are to be seen on every side. Its future is settled. Nothing can prevent her steady growth. It has the finest country in the State to back it up, and its solid brick square is occupied by wide-awake progressive business men. Its educational facilities are unsurpassed, and its people are highly cultured, hospitable and ready to receive new comers with open arms.

Arkansas Methodist Newspaper

Feb. 8, 1894:

Mrs. Eliza Ann Peacock (nee Breedlove) was born Nov. 1, 1828, and died of catarrhal fever resulting from la grippe Jan. 1, 1894. Sister Peacock was a good woman and a devout Christian, having spent almost all of her life in the Church. She professed religion and joined the M. E. Church in the early days of her girlhood, which union was never broken until the Master called her to join the triumphant hosts on high. On Sept. 19, 1850 she was united in marriage to Dr. J.W.A. Peacock in Wilkerson Co., Ga., and during the year 1858 she with her husband and family moved from that county and State and settled in Drew Co., Ark., where they lived happily together until separated by the death of her husband, which occurred Feb. 14, 1864. For a period of nearly thirty years Sister Peacock lived in widowhood, making her home in later years with her daughter, Mrs. T.J. Graves, whom she preceded into the unseen beyond only ten short days. She leaves still on this side the river one son and a daughter, one sister and two brothers, one of whom for a number of years been a member of the North Georgia Conference. To the loved ones who sorrow here we can say, you do not sorrow as those who have no hope, for your acquaintance with "Aunt Liza" only strengthens your convictions that if you are faithful you will meet her in the sweet bye and bye. May the good Lord bring you all into that happy reunion that shall never be broken.

W.R. Harrison

(Copy to the Nashville Christian Advocate)

On Jan. 10, 1894, Mrs. Laura V. Graves (nee Peacock) fell asleep in Jesus after having lingered almost at deaths door for three long and weary weeks. Her mother, who was stricken down about the same time, lingered only a few days and died. This trouble coming upon her in her emaciated and weakened condition, was more than her frail body could endure and it soon succumbed to the unyielding grasp of la grippe and other complications. Sister Graves was born in Wilkerson Co., Ga., Dec. 9, 1853. In early childhood she joined the M. E. Church, South, at old Mount Tabor in Drew county, where her membership continued until last Wednesday morning when the Master gathered her into the shining ranks above. She was married to T.J. Graves Jan 9, 1873, with whom she lived happily until her recent death. The heart-broken husband is left to mourn his sad loss, surrounded with three little boys in a "home without a mother." This case is doubly sad in that this home in so short a time as ten days has been bereft of two good mothers. As bitter, however, as this cup of sorrow may be, it is not too full, nor too bitter, to admit into its surging contents the sweet drops of consolation afforded by a blessed anticipation of a reunion where sickness, sorrow, pain and death are felt no more. Earth has no sorrow that heaven can not heal. Then, dear loved ones of the deceased, lay your burdens and cares and sorrows on Him who is willing to share them and bear them and soon He will bring you to a better understand of His ways in the clearer light of that bright world on high.

W.R. Harrison

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