Drew County, Arkansas Newsbriefs - 1892

Contributed by Jann Woodard.

Ark. Gazette

October 8, 1892 page 2 col 2:

Miss Jessie Hall, who won the Peabody scholarship at competitive examination, left today for Nashville, Tenn.

Miss Minnie Roddy departed on this morning's train for Humboldt, Tenn., on a protracted visit to friends and relatives.

October 5, 1892 page 4 col 5:

Monticello Oct. 3 - The Grand Jury returned sixty-five true bills. Two white-cappers, Bud Goodwin and George Hammill, were placed in jail without bond, charged with complicity in the mob who killed Calvin Reed, an account of which was published in the Gazette a few months since, and also in the mob who took the negro from Sheriff Morgan and shot him to death in July. This will effectually break up the lawlessness that has prevailed in the southern portion of the county for some time: their accomplices having become alarmed at this capture, have fled the county.

July 9, 1892 page 2 col 4:

Monticello July 8 - Mat Birks (sic), a farmer living south of town, shot a man by the name of Layne, a tenant on his farm, yesterday. Birks is under arrest, and will have a preliminary trial tomorrow.

June 26, 1892 page 4 col 4:

Mr. John Rogers, who lived about ten miles northwest of Monticello, was shot and killed last Tuesday by a man by the name of Billingsly.

April 16, 1892 page 4 col 5:

Monticello April 12 - Mrs. Fannie Patten, wife of J.R. Patten, died today after an illness of many months of consumption. She leaves a husband and several small children besides many friends who mourn her departure from their midst.

April 16, 1862 - W.R. Horonah (sic) (never heard that name before) a prominent citizen of Drew, died a few days since of pneumonia.

March 11, 1892 page 4 col 4:

Monticello, Mar. 9 - Mr. Hugh Edwards, a young and prosperous merchant of this place, died on yesterday. He had been confined to bed only a very short while, and his death was quite unexpected to his many friends and acquaintances.

March 11, 1892 - Mrs. E. Hoover died yesterday after a lingering illness of many months. Her remains were shipped to Pine Bluff for interment in the Jewish cemetery. She had been a resident of this place for many years, and was possessed of many friends, who deplore her untimely death.

Sep. 27, 1892: Rev. B.A. Ingram, a prominent minister of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, died at his home near Monticello, September 22, of swamp fever. Deceased was well and favorably known throughout Southeast Arkansas, and the announcement of his death will cause a widespread sorrow. Though comparatively a young man, there is perhaps no minister who has labored more assiduously for the spread of the gospel, or done more hard service, often riding for weeks through swamps and thinly populated settlements to bread the bread of life to the needy. He leaves a wife and a large family of children with a host of friends to mourn his untimely end.

Aug. 17 - Warren - Circuit Court, which has been in session for ten days, will adjourn tomorrow. A large number of minor cases were disposed of. The trial of Rufe Godwin for murder, on a change of venue from Drew County terminated this morning, resulting in his acquital. This was one of the Drew County whitecap cases.

Dec. 17, 1892: Monticello - Last night, Mr. Richard Jeter, living within one and a half miles of this place committed suicide by shooting himself with a shotgun and cutting his throat. After firing the shot and finding it did not have the desired result, he went to his trunk, taking from there his razor and with which he completed his undertaking. Financial troubles was the cause.

Oct. 4, 1892 page 6 col 4:

Monticello - The good people of Drew County, this State, have been terrorized for some time past by the depredations of white caps. These lawless desperadoes have been taking good men from their homes at night, tying them to the nearest tree and whipping them unmercifully, going so far as to kill three men.

The Grand Jury of Drew County is now in session and up to Saturday had returned sixty indictments, a large number of them being against the white cappers, of whom there is a well organized band of forty-nine. One of them was for one A.L. Hammell, who lives fifteen miles south of Monticello, who was arrested Saturday evening for murder, as one of the white caps who had took Dan Baker, colored, from the jail at Monticello and killed him.

Baker had been "white-capped" in Ashley County, and killed one of his assailants, and was lodged in the jail at Monticello for safe keeping. A desperate effort will be made by the Drew County authorities to rid the county of this lawless gang. Seven of the gang have already left the county and many more will probably make their escape since the arrest of their pal.

Sept. 13, 1892 page 8 col 3

Monticello Sept. 12 - A deplorable tragedy occurred Thursday near Lacy, in which a Mr. Garrison, teacher of a public school, shot and instantly killed a pupil, a youth by the name of Thurman. It seems two of the Thurman boys had been attending school, and one of them, for some misdemeaner, had been expelled by the directors, and they had returned to see the teacher with a view to have the erring brother returned to school. Upon this being refused they fell upon the teacher, who being no match for the muscular young boys, who were pounding him unmercifully with knucks, reached for his pistol and shot one of them down. Garrison immediately left for his home in Union County, but wrote to the Sheriff of his whereabouts and his willingness to return when he was wanted.

Arkansas Methodist Newspaper

June 27, 1892:

To the Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of Branson Lodge No. 113, F. A. M. domiciled at Tillar, Ark.: Your committee appointed to draft resolutions, commemorative of the death of our worthy and highly esteemed brother, H.F. Breedlove, would respectfully submit the following: Bro. H.F. Breedlove was born in Wilkerson Co., Ga., Dec. 25, 1841; professed religion and joined the M. E. C'h, South, when he was fourteen years old; emigrated to this county with his parents in Jan. 1858; married Miss S.E. Peacock, Nov. 16, 1865. To them were born 8 children, viz.; Annie, Dora, John, Iverson, Edward, Carrie, Thomas and George. Mrs. S.E. Breedlove, his wife, died November 5, 1883. On March 9, 1886 he married Mrs. M.L. Preston, who was his companion at his death, which occurred at 5 o'clock a.m. June 12, 1892.

Bro. Breedlove was one of nature's noblemen, a consistent Christian. Being confined to his bed for five months he suffered untold pain and agony, but was always strong in the faith, steadfastly believing that the grace of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was sufficient for him. He was a true member of Tillar Lodge 3215 Knights of Honor, a worthy member of Branson Lodge No 113 F. A. M., which fraternity he joined during the late war.

Resolved, That in the death of Bro. Breedlove we devoutly bow with ______(?) awe, to the order of the Supreme Architect of the Universe, believing that the Master has called him from labor here, that he may be present in the Grand Lodge above where the Supreme Architect of the Universe presides.

Resolved, That we deeply mourn the loss of our worthy brother in our Lodge here, and offer the bereaved widow, the children and relatives, our heartfelt sympathy in their sad bereavement.

Resolved, That a page in our minute book be set apart for the recording of this last tribute to his memory, and that the Lodge be draped and each brother wear the usual bade of mourning. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be furnished the family, and also be sent to the Arkansas City Journal and The Arkansas Methodist for publication.

Respectfully Submitted,

J.H. Jones
J.S. Harvey
W.A. Birch


Tillar, Ark.

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