Drew County, Arkansas Newsbriefs - 1891

Contributed by Jann Woodard.

Arkansas Gazette

June 2, 1891

Monticello, June 1 A lamentable tragedy occurred in the northern portion of this county about 8 o'clock this morning, wherein John A. Cameron shot and killed one Yarborough who lived in the adjoining county of Lincoln. The difficulty originated in Yarborough's persistent attention to the daughter of Cameron, after being forbidden. About a week ago Cameron severely whipped his daughter for clandestinely meeting Yarborough, after which she left home and no trace of her could be found. A warrant was served on Yarborough yesterday, and he produced the girl and admitted having harbored her since her departure from home. He is a widower, with no one living with him by his two small children. This so incensed Cameron that he went in pursuit of Yarborough, and on meeting him, riddled him with buckshot. The Cameron family are highly respectable, and the affair is universally regretted.

July 17, 1891

Monticello, July 16 - E.K. Haynes, Jr., was fatally stabbed about 1 o'clock today by a youth named Bob Baker. Haynes was teaching school and Baker a young man was one of his pupils. This morning Haynes punished him for some misdemeanor and he left, but subsequently returned and without warning fell upon Haynes, stabbing him in several places, cutting the jugular vein. Haynes expired almost instantly. Deceased is the son of County Judge E.K. Haynes for whom much sympathy is expressed, this being the second son to die at the hands of an assassin within a few months of each other. He leaves a young wife and many relatives to mourn his untimely end. A Sheriff's posse is in pursuit of the murderer, who instantly fled.

August 23, 1891

Monticello, Aug. 22 - In regard to the falsity of the article in the Gazette of the 23d of July, in the first place I will quote to you the false part of the article: "This morning Haynes punished him for some misdemeanor and he left, but subsequently returned, and, without warning, fell upon Haynes, stabbing him in several places, cutting the jugular vein. Haynes expired almost instantly."


At recess of the morning of the 16th of July, about 11:30 o'clock a.m. there being in the school house Haynes, Bob Baker and two or three other students. Bob Baker said to the other boys present, "Boys, let's eat dinner." Haynes said, "Bob, shut your mouth," and Baker Said, "Well, if I cannot talk in time of recess I had better quit school." Haynes jumped up and struck at Baker, saying, "I will knock your head off, sir," thrusting his hand inside the breast pocket of his coat. Bob said to Haynes: "If we must fight, let's go out of the house," and stepped out doors, Haynes following. Bob said, "Mr. Haynes, have you any reason? If you have, let us reason about this matter." Haynes showing a disposition to be aggressive, Bob turned and walked off toward home, but soon come back, stopping at the school house cistern to get water, and while in the act of drinking, Haynes stepped out of and around the school house, approaching Bob in an aggressive manner. Bob grabbed Haynes' pistol and hand with one of his and began cutting Haynes with his other hand. Haynes turned and Bob ceased cutting him, but Haynes after staggering off a few feet began to shoot at Bob.

The above is, I believe, a true statement of the sad affair. I don't think it necessary to go into details in regard to the location of the school house, cistern, etc., as that will all come out on the day of the trial, as Bob intends to come in and stand trial.

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