Drew County, Arkansas Newsbriefs - 1890

Contributed by Jann Woodard.

Arkansas Gazette

March 6, 1890 page 2 col 1:

Monticello March 5: Circuit Court is still in session. The Grand Jury has adjourned after two weeks' sitting. They presented seventy-two true bills, as the results of their prolonged session. Sheriff Hudspeth left today with five prisoners for the Penitentiary, two white men and three negroes. The white man, McDaniel, who was on trial for the murder of his wife, was sentenced to five years in the Penitentiary. John McGough, a white youth goes for one year for forgery. John Jones, a negro, who was convicted of burglarizing Mr. James Mason's dry goods house, goes for two years. Frank Jones, for obtaining goods under false pretenses, and one Martid (sic), who assisted Mr. Jones in trying to prove his innocence to the extent of prevaricating largely on the witness stand, goes for one year for willful perjury.

March 23, 1890 page 3 col 5:

Monticello, March 22 - Mr. James Trantham, an old and respected citizen living near this place, fell and died instantly on last evening. He was conversing with his wife a minute previous to his death, and seemingly in his usual health.

August 12, 1890

Monticello - Today Wm. Patrick, a prominent mill man of this county, was shot by one Bowen Ozment, a while man employed about the mill. The shooting was done with a shot-gun at close range, the shot taking effect in the side and breast. His injuries are quite serious if not fatal. A Sheriff's posse are in pursuit of the would be murderer.

The day seems quite prolific of accidents. A young man by the name of Ferguson, living south of town, while out hunting, in the morning was kicked in the stomach by his gun and was found late in the afternoon, insensible from the shock, and a colored youth was brought in and lodged in jail for shooting another negro.

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