Drew County, Arkansas Newsbriefs - 1889

Contributed by Jann Woodard.

Arkansas Gazette

July 31, 1889 page 5 col 3:

Monticello: Mrs. George Hampton of Fordyce, after a visit of some weeks duration here, left for her home this morning.

Mr. Will Fisher, formerly of this place, after an absence of over twenty years, during which time no tidings have been received of him, and who has long since been mourned as dead by his family, returned a few days since. His brother Tom did not recognize him.

In "swinging round the circle" the genial and accomplished staff corresppondent of the Gazette, Gen. James F. Fagen, arrived here Saturday inst. He left for Warren yesterday evening. While here he was the guest of his old comrad-in-arms, Col. W.F. Slemons.

Farrow, eldest son of Hon. W.S. McCain of Little Rock, is spending the heated term with his aunt, Mrs. A.J. Wilson.

March 8, 1889 page 5 col 1:

Monticello Mar. 6 - G.D. Stedman, a prominent citizen of this place, left with his family today for California, which State they expect to make their home in the future.

March 13, 1889 page 4 col 4:

March 11: The remains of Will Procise (sic) who was killed in Arkansas City yesterday by Will Preston, was brought out today and interred in the cemetery here. Both parties to the tragedy were former residents of this place.

March 11: T.E. Hammock returned from Lonoke, Tex., today, at which place he was summoned a few days since by a telegram announcing the dangerous illness of his father.

March 21, 1889 page 7 col 1:

Mar. 19: B.W. Seabrooks, who was widely known throughout Southest Arkansas, died at the residence of his daughters, Mrs. Mich Chestnut, on the sixteenth instant, and was interred in the cemetery at this place on the day following. He leaves several children and a host of friends, who deeply deplore his death.

April 11, 1889 page 3 col 1:

Monticello April 9 - Mrs. Maggie, wife of R.C. Shelton died this morning after a lingering illness of several weeks of pneumonia.

January 4, 1889 page 2 col 2:

Monticello Jan. 2 - The new year was duly celebrated here by the young ladies and gentlemen in a New Year's ball given at the Birks Opera-Hall. All present seemed to enjoy themselves. Elegant forms floated in the dance continuously until 12 o'clcok, at which time a fine supper was served, and then the dancing was resumed until 3 in the morning.

Jan. 2: The people are loud in their denunciations of prohibition. Men are drunk on the streets every day, yet Monticello is a prohibition town. It never was a greater farce in any town than it is here. Due to the whisky drank, there has been a serious riot on the streets recently and more fights than was ever known in the history of the town for the same length of time.

January 19, 1889 page 2 col 2:

Jan. 18: Mr. James G. Farley of this place and Miss Helen Spencer of Lacy, where married on Sunday last at the residence of the bride's mother.

Jan. 18: A company of militia has been organized here under the name of the "Tillar Rifles," with J.H. Hommock as Captain, J.H. Hinman, first lieutenant, and D.T. Hyatt second lieutenant. The civil officers are: Col. W.F. Stevens (sic), president, J.L. Miller, vice-president, D.W. Hyatt, treasurer and Ernest Hommock, secretary.

Feb. 21, 1889 page 5 col 4:

Monticello Feb. 20 - The silver anniversary of the Knights of Pythias was celebrated here last night with much "pomp and magnificence." Over a hundred invitations were issued, and after a feast "fit for the Gods" those who were so disposed tripped the "light fantastic" till the "wee sma" hours.

Dec. 2, 1889 page 2 col 2:

Nov. 30 Monticello: The remains of Allen M. Godwin of Arkansas City were interred in the cemetery of this place on Sunday last. Mr. Godwin was formerly a resident of Monticello and has a large circle of friends and relatives here who united their sorrows with the grief-stricken family.

Nov. 30: The High School, under the management of Prof. Hineman, numbers over 300 pupils, with accessions every week. The school ranks as one of the best in Southeast Arkansas.

January 19, 1889 page 2 col 2:

Warren: The friends of Mrs. Anfield Robertson were this morning pained to hear of her death. She was on a visit to her daughter in Drew County and died at her home at 2 o'clock this morning. Mrs. Robertson has lived near this place for many years and was highly esteemed. She was about 60 years of age.

January 3, 1889 page 2 col 2:

Dec. 21 Warren: Ed Jolly of this place had a bitter experience in the Saline swamp last night. He was returning with a two-horse buggy from a trip to Drew County and late in the evening came to the ferry on the Saline river, and being unable to make the ferryman hear, turned back to find shelter for the night. The river was high and the sloughs full of water and he accidentally drove his team into swimming water. He succeeded in turning his horses loose and then took to a tree in the midst of the waters, where he spent the night. The ferryman heard him the next morning calling for assistance and went to his relief with a boat. The horses were found in the cane-brake none the worse for their night's adventure.

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