Drew County, Arkansas Newsbriefs - 1887

Contributed by Jann Woodard.

Arkansas Gazette

July 7, 1887 page 3 col 4: Monticello July 6, 1887 - Shelton & Wells, our enterprising livery stable men, are looking for a carload of Tennessee wagons on the train today, and also a brand new and very fine omnibus. They have established a fine stock ranche (sic) on Wolf Prairie, have already fenced in about 2100 acres of the prairie, and have just ordered a windmill which will be put up this week. They have about fifty horses and about 250 head of cattle, and will cut about 500 tons of hay this season for shipping purposes.

July 7, 1887: There was a most enjoyable picnic (moonlight) at Children street grove last night. Hon W.F. Slemons and J.R. Cotham delivered addresses appropriate to the occasion, after which supper, such only as can be gotten up by children and stout young ladies who served. Many strangers were present besides the elite of the city. After supper dancing being the order of the evening the company was regaled with first class music by the Helena string band, and until the wee small hour of 3 the twinkling feet of mirth loving lads and merry lassies kept tread to music rich and rare.

Sep. 25, 1887 page 3 col 2:

Monticello, Sep. 24 - The telephone between this palce and Hamburg was completed last week, and conversation over the line is kept up briskly.

Sep. 24 - A haunted house is creating quite an excitement here. It is about two miles north of town, and occupied by Capt. McDermott and family. For the past two weeks, at all hours of day and night, bricks and stones--hot, cold, wet and dry are hurled into the rooms. Reliable parties have visited the place and vouch for the truth of the mysterious apppearance of the missels. A committee of valiant men, headed by Sheriff Hudspeth, went out last night and witnessed the ghost's performance. "Ye" reporter has such a profound respect for a flying brick that he will postpone his investigations until the "spirits" adopt milder weapons.

Sep. 24 - On the morning of the 21st inst., at 9:30, Mr. Frank Coburn of Monticello led to the altar one of the most charming of Monticello's fair daughters, Miss Maude Preston. Immediately after the ceremony, which was performed at the Methodist church by Rev. McGraw, a short time was allowed for congratulations, and then the bridal couple, followed by the good wishes of a host of friends, left for an extended tour.

Hamburg, Dec. 5, 1887 - On the 24ult., Mr. Elisha Curtis, a prosperous young farmer of this county, captured one of Drew county's fair daughters, Miss Julia Killian; and two more hearts now beat as one.

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