Drew County, Arkansas Newsbriefs - 1885

Contributed by Jann Woodard.

Arkansas Methodist Newspaper

April 4, 1885
March 18th, 1885 at the residence of the bride's father, by Rev. John H. Gold, Mr. Albert Hobbs to Miss Florence Ragland, all of Drew Co., Ark.

April 4, 1885
March 18th, 1885, at the residence of the bride's father, Rev. J.A. Clower, by Rev. John H. Gold, Mr. J.W. Barnett to Miss Annie Clower, all of Montongo.

October 3, 1885
At the residence of the bride's father, Prof. W.A. Garner of Plantersville, Ark., July 8th, 1885, by the Rev. J.J. Jenkins, Mr. R.M. Hammock to Miss Lula W. Garner.

November 21, 1885
The gin and mill on the plantation of the late Dr. J.M. Taylor near Winchester, in Drew County was destroyed by fire Wednesday night. There was no insurance upon the property and the loss is estimated at $2,000.

July 11, 1885
It was our pleasure to attend the closing exercises of the Rock Springs High School on June 16, 17, 18 and 19. The examination was thorough and very satisfactory in every particular, it was gratifying to note how thoroughly the pupils had been taught in the various branches of study, and to see difficult questions and problems solved with that ease possessed only by those who felt themselves masters of the situation, setting forth the fact that both teachers and pupils had made good use of the time. The exercises of the last day were witnessed by hundreds of people. The leading features of the day consisted of original speeches, essays, declamations and recitations. The decorum and elocution of all the pupils won golden opinions from every one present. The callisthenic songs by the little children were greatly appreciated. The vocal and instrumental music was complimentary to the class, and demonstrated the proficiency of the teacher in their department, Miss Leila Garner. The Hon. T.M. Whittington, of Monticello, in a few brief remarks to the school, closed the exercises of the day.

Prof. W.A. Garner has had charge of this school about five years, and by his untiring energy and eminent qualifications as a teacher and disciplinarian has built up as fine a school as can be found anywhere in Southeast Arkansas. As an educator Prof. Garner is no stranger to the people of Arkansas. We most heartily commend this school to the public.

The locality, Northern part of Drew county, is everything that could be desired; it is high, dry and healthy. The morals of the vicinity of Rock Springs are exceptionally good. Plantersville is the post-office, with bi-weekly mail.

W.H. Brown, M.D.
Montongo, Drew Co., Ark.

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